To You



These days, I’ve seen so many hearts broke

And I don’t want you breaking mine

Each day, my heart longs so just to know

The light I’ve seen clear in your eyes


And now I know just how you love me
And now I know just how you care

‘Cuz I can’t be a day without you

No, I, not even for a little while

My days, my nights, my every afternoon

My heart, I’ll follow it to you

I’ll follow my heart to you


My soul, it knows just how it must feel

And she won’t stop till she’s feeling fine

With you, I’ve found that feeling is real

Even though we might have jumped in blind


But we can’t keep going on like this

We gotta give it all we got or let it go

We gotta break down our walls to be free

If you really wanna be with me

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