The Storm



I ain’t got no way to know where I’m going

Lost my compass ’bout a half an hour ago

I ain’t got no way to know what I’m thinking

Lost my mind about 4 years ago


I ain’t got nothing I wanna say to you now

I think you know I don’t feel like being your yo-yo

Up & down and on & off and Back & forth again

North & south is there anywhere else for us to go


And I think that you know it’s time for some changes

And I think that you know it’s time for me to go

And I think that you know even though you say you love me

And I think…I guess I’m not sure you know


Too many days & nights of questioning and blaming

Too many lonely nights for both me & you

Too many “Get outta here”s and “I don’t want you to go”s

You squeeze me tight, then you leave me for dead for all you know


And they say if there’s doubt there’s no way we should be together

Can’t you see, we’re talking divorce even before we’ve made the vows

Our furious love boils so hot, but in a minute can go so cold

Can’t you see… I guess I’m not sure you know


I can’t see, the clouds are much, much too think

The fog keeps rollin’ in


Can’t you see, don’t you know there’s a big storm coming

Gotta run, gotta hide, gotta find me some shelter

And you better, too, it’s gonna hit us hard now

Can’t you see, yeah well, don’t you know, I guess maybe you just don’t know where to go


Yeah, I think, yeah, I know, there’s big changes coming

Here it comes, rollin’ in, yeah, the sky’s ’bout to explode

Yeah, you better run, yeah, you better hide, you better take cover

I don’t care if you don’t know, either way, I gotta go

Either way I gotta go

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