Your love comes in whispers, sometimes inaudible

Shaped by the events of the day and the endless bustle

My ears, they can’t hear you, I often feel alone

As I’m awaked by the sweet sound of the lovers next door


The precious time that we do share seems to diminish every night

Your tired eyes as bedtime tell me you just wanna sleep tight

I lie away there, thinking ‘How can I make it right?”
I just wanna be held by you, feel your body next to mine


How can I know that you love me when you never say it (Take the time, take the time)

How can I know that you care for me when we never play together

How can I know that you love me when we never take the time, take the time

Take the time to make it


We always have our ups and downs and manage to work it out

Sometimes I like it when we fight ‘cuz we always make up afterwards

Maybe, Baby, this time, we can make love just because, just because


I know there’s times we cannot stand each other

We have our differences, maybe more than a few

But when we just go on and on, and when I wake up at dawn

I wonder why last night I didn’t have you, I didn’t have you


This song was recorded with vocalist Carla Giampapa doing backing vocals.  Annie wasn’t 100% confident with her own vocal abilities at the time this song was recorded, and wanted to look for a new lead singer.  Jaded planned on having Giampapa join the band as a permanent member, but it didn’t work out that way.  This is the only track on any Jaded CD that features Giampapa.

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