Support Local!

A GREAT holiday gift idea for your friends who love to explore Milwaukee hotspots: A fun-filled lunch or dinner tour for 2 from – TourMilwaukee SUPPORTS LOCAL artists, restaurants, and businesses! (They were a part of the ABVC CD Release Promotional Team! THANKS, Tour Milwaukee!!) Purchase a Tour Milwaukee gift certificate HERE!!! (Look for the “Buy Gift Certificate” button on the bottom left!)

As you know, I am a local independent artist. I make my living just like any other locally-owned business… very much like your locally-owned restaurant, clothing store, graphic design company, or shoe store (like Mr. Shoe)! Think of just one local business you know of… this is a business owned by a neighbor, or a person you barely know, but you may know he/she is perhaps married and has two kids, and you like the fact that he/she is a real person who you can relate to. It’s very important to support your local artists, just like you support your local farmer’s market or your local record store. And I’m not just talking about local recording artists, I’m talking about local visual artists, dancers, actors, and other artists. We would all be ecstatic to make a living doing what we love and what we’re good at. PLEASE support your local talent and go see a local band or local theater production this weekend! Go to Gallery Night and purchase a cool piece of work from a local artist whose work would look fabulous in your living room or spare bedroom!

Don’t buy a canvas wall art piece that’s all flowery and says “Joy” from Target, buy it from the community arts festival featuring local & regional artists!!! For every major-label CD you buy, go see a local band, and if you like them, buy their CD, too! And enjoy a beer from a local brewery!

I am very grateful for the wonderful support I receive from Milwaukeeans & Midwesterners! THANKS FOR YOUR SUPPORT! Keep it going! Bring a friend to my next show, or give the gift of an Annie B. CD to an indie-music-loving friend! Kill two birds with one stone, and buy “The Kiwi Cafe” CD from Rush-Mor Records! Then go have a bite to eat at Cafe Centraal!

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