Strange Breed




My name is Woman, my middle name Mystery

I have a body, a very well-taken-care-of, beautiful body

I have a boyfriend, a very nice friend, a terrible friend is he

Sometimes I don’t think he understands me

Sometimes I think we’re just too different to be


I am a strange breed, a very strange breed, a very strange breed, indeed, yeah

I am a strange breed, a very strange breed, a very strange breed, indeed


I paint my toenails, I paint my fingernails, I paint my eyelids green

My favorite food to eat is chocolate, my favorite thing to do is breathe

I can’t decide much, I often know just want I want, yeah, I’m so in touch

Lately I’m so isolated, lately I don’t know what the hell, what to do

What the hell, what to say, what to be


I have a family, they often tell me how they want me to be

They say that I should have a baby

But I don’t wanna have no, I don’t need to have no, I ain’t gonna have no baby

I like my freedom, can’t stand people telling me things that I don’t like should be okay

Fuck all the people who do that, fuck this whole fucked up society




This song was recorded by Jaded (along with all the songs from the Sweet Virginity CD). After Annie moved to Los Angeles & put together a new band “Breather,” the band’s L.A. manager loved this song and wanted a new version recorded by Breather, to sound less ‘garage-rock’ and more ‘alt-pop-rock’.  The new recording was done, but never released.

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