Pledge Music campaign is UP AND RUNNING!

PLEDGE sanitary hell cd release fb cover photoHey I just wanted to invite YOU to be a part of something really cool by to participating in our Pledge Music campaign!!  The goal is to help my band The Complication get our new CD out to the masses, and help us get back out on the road in 2018!!

You’ll get EXCLUSIVE UPDATES including exclusive content (videos, photos, music) when you make a pledge… you’ll be getting the “inside scoop” on The Complication (you can see the progress of my lead guitar-playing skills, for example), along with whatever cool item you make a pledge for!

We really need your help at this very special time, so please take a gander at all the cool items in our store, and THANK YOU for being a part of our journey!!

One of the items I’d like to highlight is the Annie B Anthology 1997-2010, which is a curated CD of TWENTY songs from all of my bands from 1997-2010, with lyrics, album artwork, TONS  of photos, and ALL THE STORIES behind photos and and songs that have an interesting story!  This CD is ONLY AVAILABLE THROUGH PLEDGE MUSIC…. so when this campaign is over, this CD will NO LONGER BE AVAILABLE (until we do another Pledge Music campaign… but who knows when that will be??)

One more really cool item is YOUR NAME in the Special Thanks section of the liner notes (on the back of the CD case)!  Since YOU are a supporter of me and my music, now is your chance to announce it to the world!!!   Please show your support with this item and become a little part of our history!!!

Thanks again for being a part of my music!!  It means so much to me!!! xoxoxo!!


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