Like You



Why did you lie to me

What did I do?
And why you so scared of me

I’m just like you


I was just sitting here, living my life

I’m not the one who first called you

I had sanity, I had my pride

Now I ain’t got a goddam clue

‘Cuz I never met no one like you

I never met no one like you


Why did you push me away

I never meant to push you

And hey, can’t we just be friends

That’s such a joke


I cannot keep the kiss you gave me

‘Cuz I know I’ll prob’ly never see you

And it’s such a drag, I’m so sure I fooled myself

Into thinking you could have meant it when you said,
“I love you”

‘Cuz I never met no one like you


I never met no one like you

I never met no one like you, oh


Oh, so here I am, I cannot hide

Everyone here knows who I’m singing to

So, I guess you can leave now

I’ve said mine (I’ve said mine)

But just in case I haven’t told you

I never met no one like you

Never met no one like you


‘Cuz there’s nobobdy else like you

Nobody like you



I wrote this song about a guy I dated in Los Angeles sometime around 2000-01.  I fell head-over-heels for this guy, but he broke my heart.  So, I broke his ribs!  I actually sang this song at a show when I knew he’d be in the audience (hence the last verse)!  This is a true story which I love telling at my solo/acoustic shows… (maybe you’ve heard the whole story at one of my shows)!  But that’s not the end of the story!  I also wrote “Where Do We Go” (which also appears on the Gimmie CD) about the same guy, telling what happened to us/our relationship about a year after the rib story.

The first time I performed this song was at a Breather (or was it already Shut Up Marie by then?) show.  I shared the song with my drummer Mark Evangelista a short time before the show, hoping we could quickly learn it as a band and play it at our next show.  Mark said, “You should just sing this one solo!”  (Or maybe he just didn’t feel like trying to cram in a new song before that next show!)  So that’s what I did.  I played it solo/acoustic at that night while the band took a little break.


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