Julie, you’re killing me, Baby

Julie, don’t think I can take it

Julie, you’re driving me crazy

Julie, I think it’s time to get away


Julie, I hear what you’re saying

Baby, these things you can’t erase

Maybe it’s time you should kneel down and pray

Julie, this feels like just an earthquake


Baby, I know that you’re in pain

I try and try to take your pain away

Afterward, it feels like there’s nothing gained

Julie, please tell me your secrets


Julie, this is war, it’s not a game

Baby, it’s time you have to face it

Julie, I’ve studied the crime scene

All thing point to the perfect, perfect place


Steady, fast, and hard, you’ll win the race

Julie, don’t allow a stalemate

Sometimes grieving is a good thing

Julie, take a bow, you’ve made it big


Maybe we can find a safe haven, Baby

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