Guitar / Voice Training with Annie B!

Hi, and thanks for stopping by my teaching page!  First off, you came to the right place!  Learning how to play guitar and/or to sing can be a lot of fun and very rewarding, especially if you can find 15 minutes/day (on average) to practice!  (I also teach beginner keyboard and beginner bass guitar, in case that interests you!)

“15 minutes?!” you say?  YES!  Studies have been done on learning & practice habits, and some of these studies have found that as little as 15 minutes per day can bring you real results!  Once you start practicing, that 15 minutes is over before you know it, and you can have a lot of FUN in that time!

On to WHY I say you came to the right place…

My unique teaching style and positive energy can work well to help you achieve your musical goals like no other teacher.  You can ask anyone who knows me about my energy and positive attitude.  That’s where it all starts.  Learning something new and being very successful at it requires that you are inspired to do the learning and the work required to achieve the results you seek.  And I have been known to inspire people.  And I do things other teachers don’t do:  We assess your progress every 12 weeks to make sure you’re on the right track, and we’ll adjust what we’re doing if we need to change paths.  My approach focuses on your personal goals you come in with, and on other goals you choose that will help your overall playing, like music theory (which can actually be FUN!) and other pieces of  the puzzle that will make you a better musician overall.  We can work on other things like songwriting, soloing, performing live, and list goes on!  I teach in-person lessons (in the Milwaukee Area) one-on-one, and in small groups.  I teach adults and children.  If you have a friend or two interested in learning how to play, we can set up group lessons (scroll down) which will save money for both of you!

Let me share with you where I come from… You’ll see that I have set my own musical & career goals, and I have been able to achieve them to an extent which allows me to now tour all over the U.S. as much as I like, and work with some amazing artists!  So I can share this knowledge & help get YOU going on achieving YOUR goals with your guitar playing and/or singing!

Award-winning singer/songwriter Annie B. has been playing an average of 100-150 shows per year since 2009. Nominated Best Singer/Songwriter and Female Vocalist for the WAMIs & Shepherd Express Best of Milwaukee Awards, she enjoys performing all over the area on a regular basis. Her band has played Summerfest every year since 2011, and has also played many other festivals and summer concert series throughout the area. Since the beginning of her career in the mid ‘90s, she has released 9 CDs with her various bands, and has been heard on college and commercial radio stations all across the U.S. In 2005, her Los-Angeles-based alternative rock band Shut Up Marie charted on airplay charts alongside major label acts. Her current Milwaukee-based rock band The Complication tours the U.S. on a regular basis, often opening for major-label rock acts. Annie has also been hired to write and record songs for submission to major label acts, and she’s had her songs placed on television and the big screen.

Annie teaches adults & children, and her teaching style is empowering and warm. She is well-known for her positive energy and her ability to transfer that energy to those she works with, building self-esteem and confidence, which results in increased musical skills & abilities in her students.  The rewards of working with Annie can be limitless, and that also depends on YOU and YOUR commitment to learning and practicing.

An additional service she can provide is artistic and business coaching for musicians looking to perform locally, or to build their careers well beyond the local scene.  This would be a supplement to your lessons with Annie, in-person, on an hourly basis.

She received her formal education at the Wisconsin Conservatory of Music, and Marquette University.

“One of the most passionate musicians I have ever worked with, Annie B is a fiery asset to our Wisconsin music scene.” – Zoy Begos, WAMI President

“Annie B is a top-notch vocalist with massive stage energy and smart original rock songs.” – Hannah Frank, Chicago Acoustic Underground

“Annie’s got some serious songwriting chops!” – Willy Porter

Lessons are $150 for 4 weekly 45-minute lessons,
located in Greenfield (100th Street, between Oklahoma Ave. & Beloit Rd).  Annie also does small groups!  A group of 2 would be $250 per month, saving each of you $25 per month, and a group of 3 would be $300, saving each student $50 per month!  (Groups can actually be more fun than one-on-one lessons, because you all learn from each other, as well as what you learn in the lesson!)

Too busy to commit to weekly lessons?  No probs!  We can do bi-weekly lessons at $90 for two 45-minute lessons… paid for upfront.

Contact via e-mail, phone, or text! or 213-595-1149

Refer a friend and get $25 cash if they sign up!

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