Give Me Pain

Written by Annette Bzdawka

I got your picture in my wallet
I can’t stop staring at it
Wasting all my time, wasting all my days
I just can’t get you off my brain
I think it’s time to run away
And crawl into my grave

Here we stand face to face
And I have fallen far from grace
You told me you love me so
But it’s so clear I’ve got to go
Nevermind the compromise
‘Cuz you can’t look me in the eyes
Why don’t you just say it?
You love to give me pain

You broke my heart in two
I can safely say you won the game
I played all my cards, but you’re the King of Spades
You had me fooled thinking you play fair
Politely, I will leave the table
And hang my head in shame

I got just one more card to play
I ain’t giving this one away

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