Girl of Secrets



She’s a girl of secrets, can’t show you her soul

Meet her and you think you know about her


She might have something to hide

But she would not be deceiving

She needs to know that she will not be taken


Many times they have hurt her

She will not snow you the open wounds

Protective, maybe, but she’s always reaching out

The risks she takes, no one can ever tell


No one can tell ‘cuz she’s a girl of secrets

But the secrets may destroy her

The problem is she can’t see how they eat her

She loves her family and friends

And she’s almost sure they love her

Yet she feels she needs to place herself on the sidelines


These whispers ruin all her fantasies

Chasing all her dreams, this fragile one falls

Reaching out for what feels right, things go wrong

And all alone, she carries all the pain


‘Cuz she’s all alone


Oh, yeah, she’s full of secrets

But she just might let you in

Please don’t be mistaken

She always means well

She speaks of honest things

And she can give her true reaction

Other times, she feels that she can’t

So she keeps it all in


No, please don’t blame her for being this way

She tries and tries and tries so hard, oh, every day

You ask her what’s wrong, and she’ll smile and tell ya it’s okay

Sorry, but I just don’t believe her


‘Cuz she’s full of secrets

The girl of secrets

And she just might let you in

But she’s full of secrets

The girl of secrets

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