The fog outside is pretty thick today

The window view is poor

They’d really like to see the sun

But they’ll get by without it once more


He says he’s just not sure right now

What to make of school

He thinks it’s time to go far away

‘Cuz inside he’s afraid he’s a fool


She tells him of a lost love affair

That’s got her eyes smiling wide

He listens well, will she ever know

What he’s feeling deep inside?


He pays for lunch and asks her now

To coffee at his place

She welcomes the hospitality but is

Surprised about his pace


She compliements his tie

He compliments her hair

She says she can’t decide and then

She makes him take her there


To find out what he feels

So she can know without a doubt

And although he feels quite sure

He’s still afraid to let her find him out


Well, she keeps a safe distance

She knows he’d break her heart

Yeah, he continues to wonder

If maybe he should start


Yeah, she knows she needs to be

With someone who knows her well

She imagines his lips on hers tonight

Although she can never really tell


They talk and talk and talk with smiles

And talk and talk some more

She flirts with him, he flirts and winks

Forver like before, well, yeah, forever like before


I wrote this song the very first summer I started playing guitar and writing songs in 1993.  I just could not put the guitar down!  I used to stay up all night, playing and writing, and my mom would come into the living room and say, “Don’t you think you should try and get some sleep?”

Additional Musicians:
Dave Johnson: Trumpet
Bob Williams: Trombone
Otis Morning: Alto Sax

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