Don’t Be Afriad



Well, I can’t stand the sight of you cryin’

Your tears make my heart ache

Release all of your pain


Your ghosts can’t haunt you forever

Sometimes “Goodbye” is what you should say

Believe me, I know the way

Yeah, I’ll show you the way

So don’t be afraid


‘Cuz I’ve been alone, and I’ve been betrayed

Yeah, I’ve been through it all, I must say

Well, I’ve been fooled and I’ve been ashamed

Yeah, but I am still alive today


So take my hand just for a moment

Let the pain flow for a day

And always remember no one’s to blame

So don’t be afraid


So take my hand, ‘cuz I just can’t stand the sight of you cryin’

Let me wipe your tears away

As long as we’re together, things will be okay

Yeah, so don’t be afraid



Annie plays keyboard on this song, and she fancied herself sort of a “Wizard of Oz”… she wanted to do it all at Jaded’s shows… She would plant herself on stage with all sorts of equipment (various guitars, a keyboard, and multiple effects units,) so the songs would have all the bells & whistles she wanted, including special vocal effects in certain songs… like the very specifically-timed delay effect on the verses in “Hey Mama”.

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