Blogging Til I Win a Grammy: Day 810

Post #49 of ANNIE B.’s D.I.Y. MAGAZINE

“I promise to post blogs here, sharing some daily activities & the work I do to achieve my career goals, and especially, to give inspiration to all, whether you are – or are not – an artist yourself! And, when I do win that Grammy, YOU can say you followed me all the way! Enjoy, and SEIZE THE DAY!”

This weekend was pretty hectic – Thursday night I played a new venue in St. Francis: The Landing! A great little crowd and a great time for sure! Friday night was ABVC opening for Reckless Life at Rooter’s in Waukesha – a LONG night! Saturday was a private party for a friend, which was also a lot of fun!

Went to an open mic in Franklin yesterday, too… The Chicken Jam at The Wild Breed Saloon – they have free friend chicken!!! It was a lot of fun and ABVC (sans Cam – Todd Pearson sat in with us) played 4 original songs and we got a great response! Then we hacked through Come Together but it was totally fun – at one point there were about 6 musicians up on that tiny stage!

Speaking of which, in addition to the career goals I listed a LOOOOOONNNGGG time ago when I first started writing this blog (like winning a GRAMMY,) I have also decided that I really want to write & record a song with Paul McCartney before I die (or, before he dies, right?)!!! He’s the only living half of the Lennon-McCartney duo responsible for so many of my favorite songs!!!!!!

Gotta get things together for Shank Hall on Friday. Tomorrow night will be a short rehearsal since it’s MARN Mic Night featuring Robin Pluer at 8:15 – should be a fabulous show!!

Jodie just booked a brand new venue for me!!! The Golden Oaks Mansion in Lake Geneva for July 23rd! Yeeeeeeeee!!! There is a new girl helping out with the press & radio campaign for the CD Release and she’s pretty amazing. Her first day was today. Also a singer/songwriter, she’s very busy with gigs singing in a wedding band, doing jingles, teaching, and doing a kid’s production. She just scheduled a lunch date for myself & her with Bruce Winter of WUWM for Wednesday afternoon! She’s friends with him – how cool is that? I hope she enjoys her time here and learns what she’s looking to learn! She’s got some GREAT energy and I think she’s a great person for the job!!!!

HIGH POINT IF THE DAY: 3 things – OMG! Jodie booking that new venue, the news of the lunch date with Bruce Winter, and an e-mail response from Steve Forstneger of the Illinois Entertainer asking us to send a link or a copy of the CD!!!

LOW POINT OF THE DAY: Jodie called Joey DeMarco today to find out more about the possible July 22nd slot opening for another band in the Chicago area, and he told her “I don’t know her, people down here don’t know her, so I can’t book her down here.” He told us to hold July 22nd since there could be an opportunity for us, and now he has changed his tune. Ugh.

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