Blogging Til I Win a Grammy: Day 806

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Well, I did get about 7 or 8 charts out to Bernie for the June 2nd show at Casablanca! (Good girl!!!) I think we need to get together to finish up the rest… too much explanation required and it’s best if we just meet in person. I am very much looking forward to the June 2nd show… 111 people already RSVP’d on FB that they would be there! How totally cool! Art Milwaukee does a GREAT job!!!! Really glad to be working with them!

I booked another gig at Shenanigan’s today and I might bring the band to do a set of original music as those folks down there in Kenosha really like me! How fun would that be? We’ll already be down in Racine for The Dan Jam that afternoon — we could hang out for the afternoon & evening and rock people’s socks off again in Kenosha! Fun stuff!

Looks like we are also moving forward on a gig in Madison. The BlackCAPS called me today to lock something in and we’re gonna try for The Mercury in early June. Hopefully Joey DeMarco gets back to us about July 22nd in Chicago soon as well.

More and more, Arbeat is looking good! I got an e-mail today from the tango dance group we had last year: Milwaukee Tango, and they’d like to provide a dance lesson (if they can round up the portable dancefloor, and we can provide the space). How FUN would that be??? Not sure if the Y will be able to be involved this year as our non-profit. I contacted the wonderful Marc Adesso from Capoiera Nago to see if they’d like to get involved. Those guys really did a great job last year!!! Such a production!!

Last 3 nights were rehearsal nights and tomorrow, Friday, & Saturday nights are gig nights! I did not “Slash” my voice tonight on the Reckless Life stuff (pardon the pun), but we got through rehearsal tonight without too much difficulty with the new songs.

Tomorrow I take Mom to acupuncture, then Jodie comes over to build these press kits that need to be dropped off to about 8 venues. She is truly a gem… she keeps me on my toes!!!!!!!!! Same thing for Diana… she is helping research international booking agents. I love my girls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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