Blogging Til I Win a Grammy: Day 800

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It’s been over a week since my last blog entry and I am not sure where to start with all the goings-on since before & after the HERLIFE Lauch Party last week Thursday!! Still totally unable to keep up with adding people to my mailing list, and even less: all the friend requests on FB… I now have over 240 that I have not been able to respond to and I am honestly not doing anything to work on it! Also, creating an event on FB and inviting all my friends seems to have a glitch in it… I know I have over 550 friends in my Milwaukee list but only 485 invites are showing up on the event page for this Thursday at Rooter’s. VERY frustrating. It looks like some people fell off my Milwaukee list or something?

The CDs for the swag bags at Cuvee turned out fine and the event was FABULOUS…. we got a GREAT response from people and I asked Hester (the GM of Cuvee) to write up a review for ABVC. Erin Klink of HERLIFE texted me the next day to tell me she’s so happy to have us as a part of HERLIFE and I am very grateful that she has been so supportive and amazing!

Artbeat in the Heat is now moving forward with an Aug. 13th date with Fever Marlene headlining. Artist vendors have been looking promising, but once they start sending checks we will be in much better shape. Paul Kneevers and I met last week and he was able to commit some of his people to do the job for a great rate. He’s actually working that night but can send out people that have been working for him for some time. Our conference call this morning was very productive… we discussed the band/performance schedule, sponsorships, and things are actually starting to look up for Artbeat in the Heat!

No Jodie or Diana today. A new intern was supposed to show up either today or Wed. No new intern today so I hope she shows up on Wed.!

Brady Street wants to move us from 11:30am (90 minute set) to 11am for 60 minutes. Not sure how I feel about this so we sent them an e-mail asking to move us LATER in the day rather than EARLIER. Rehearsal tonight and it went very well!!! We’ll added Raining Like Crazy to our set list.

HIGH POINT OF THE DAY: I got a call from Bugsy and he told me he’ll be in town soon & might be able to possibly shoot another video for us! YAY!!!!!!!!! He’s so absolutely amazing!!!!!!!! He also gave me the name & phone number for a lady he knows who books US bands in Europe. I sent her a detailed e-mail with the Brat Stop review included in the message and other great things happening (WAMI nomination, Covergirl for HERLIFE, Copenhagen, etc). We’ll add her to our list of international booking agents & send her a press kit if she requires one. I hope and pray this can happen with her since she was recommended by Bugsy!! I told the girl we’d be willing to take a trip down to Nashville -if she will be down there soon- so she could check us out!

LOW POINT OF THE DAY: I still have not had a chance to get the chord charts together for Bernie (our 2nd string guitarist who will be helping out) and I’m really bummed about it and am feeling so tired right now that I don’t know if I can stay up and get these to him tonight, like I promised. UGH!!!

Maybe I’ll send two or three charts before crashing out tonight…

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