Blogging Til I Win a Grammy: Day 786

Post #46 of ANNIE B.’s D.I.Y. MAGAZINE

Dropped a CD in the mail for Sooper Dooper to duplicate the sampler CDs for the swag bags at the HERLIFE Magazine Launch. Matt Tyner called and I hooked him up with a Happy Hour gig at Spirits, hopefully! Last night I send out an e-mail to all my family members who get “family” updates from my cousin Glenn, and I got a response from a cousin in Des Moines! Adding her to my Des Moines MailChimp list. It feels like I’m adding one or two (or more) people every day, which is GREAT! I still need to add the people from the raffle I did at Rocco’s last week Thursday. (Ugh.) Need to learn about 6 new songs for our 7pm Reckless Life rehearsal tonight… I have not even HEARD most of these songs before : Civil War, Reckless Life, You’re Crazy, Anything Goes, and a few more. A check came in today for an Artbeat in the Heat vendor but we are moving the date! Conference call this morning did not go well… we don’t yet have August avails for Fever Marlene so I e-mailed them myself and will be contacting I’m Not A Pilot and the Wildbirds for their August avails. Better get to learning my songs now.

HIGH POINT of the Day: I just found out ABVC is playing Brady Street Festival! Woo-hoo!!!

LOW POINT of the Day: Still feeling overwhelmed by the over-abundance of work to keep with with. Looking right now at an e-mail list that I need to enter into my MailChimp, and remembering a list from Poker’s Uptown in Watertown that has been sitting here for weeks.

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