Blogging Til I Win a Grammy: Day 774

Post #43 of ANNIE B.’s D.I.Y. MAGAZINE

Monday was busy but I am bummed the guy at the Astor Hotel was not there. I’ll call the hotel later today and find out what happened. Art Milwaukee and I will be doing some collaborative events together. Annie B & The Vagabond Company will be playing their Jamboree After-Party at Casablanca on June 2nd. I also want to involve them with my CD Release Party in September… they are doing A LOT of events and I’d love to have them bring in some artists to the venue. Milwaukee Artbeat may also be doing an event with them in August on the lakefront this summer! Very exciting!

Speaking of which, my 11am Artbeat in the Heat conference call continues to leave this event at a standstill. We don’t have the non-profit organization secured, and I will not move forward on anything until I know that is in place. We are already way “behind schedule” since we now don’t have a sound company lined up, and we can’t hire Paul Kneevers which is VERY UNFORTUNATE.

I got an e-mail from the Pink Magnolia last night for a May 6th date! Nice, I am open that night! I LOVE that venue… that’s where I played solo for this past NYE.

ABVC rehearsal on Monday night, & Reckless Life rehearsal last night. My voice is still not 100% after horrible, terrible cold!

I never made it to AMP on Monday… but we did have a lengthy phone conversation about the things we needed to talk about.

The word from Vic Thomas: “I”ll forward your stuff to David Silbaugh.” I know David on Facebook, so I sent him a message. Nothing from David yet this morning.

The Brat Stop BRAT STOCK dates just came in this morning: Friday night at 7:40 outside (Beer Garden Stage), and Saturday night on the Main Stage at 6:20. Not bad!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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