Blogging Til I Win a Grammy: Day 771

Post #42 of ANNIE B.’s D.I.Y. MAGAZINE: More Gigs Keep Coming!

Indeed, March, as you can see, was a very busy month, and thankfully the momentum keeps growing! This past week was very eventful! I booked another very random gig at Rocco’s in Bay View for April 21st, and this lead was sent to me by Daniel Nathan of Reckless Life. He stopped in at Rocco’s last week and the bartender Ann told him she wanted to book some acoustic acts. He gave her my contact info and she actually stopped by the open jam at Smokin’ Joe’s last Thursday. (That open jam was also a last-minute gig I got through Dave Rossingnol of RL. Dave and I hosted that night and it was a BLAST! Lots of cool musicians came out, so thanks everyone!!! Hopefully there will be more open jam hosting gigs for us in the future!)

Happy Hour Friday at Spirits was also eventful… Ed, the owner is interested in doing a fundraiser for ABVC’s Europe fund! BTW, turns out he booked Eric Barbieri for next Friday’s Happy Hour! He also paid me a bonus for bringing in a bunch of people Friday night! I’d like to do a fundraiser down there in August.

Saturday night was fun, Mike and I went out to support Mitch Cooper & Xeno at the Fox & Hounds. We had a wonderful meal (it’s 2-for-1 every night!) and a lot of fun listening to the duo! They invited me up to play a few songs as well!

Two gigs this coming week: Thursday at Motor, and Friday, a new venue for me: The Sandbar in Pewaukee! This gig was originally booked as a duo and I asked the booking agent John of Talent Associates to call the venue and see if we could try it out as a solo gig for me. He made it happen, so now I have a little work this week to make sure my sets that night are chock-full of party/dance tunes!

Tomorrow is VERY busy: 2 meetings for potential gigs/projects (The Astor Hotel, and Art Milwaukee), a conference call for Artbeat in the Heat, and Jodie will be doing booking. Stopping in the AMP recording studio to do some quick edits and then rehearsal at 6pm. Whew! I better get a good night’s sleep tonight!

PENDING: Still waiting for confirmation from Vic Thomas for ABVC at Summerfest this year… he e-mailed me last week to let me know he’s working it. And I got a tentative date of Saturday, May 28th for us at BRAT STOCK at the Brat Stop over Memorial Day Weekend!

Thursday is a seminar on writing your own book that Cathy Stadler & Jodie invited me to! This should be very interesting! Don’t we all want to write our own book? (Am I writing one right now?)

Have a GREAT week, and I will see you soon!

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