Blogging Til I Win a Grammy: Day 766

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Today was largely spent taking my mom to acupuncture, shopping for her at Pick ‘N’ Save & Walgreens, and helping with stuff around her apartment. She of course wanted me to scratch off all the games in the “Six Games in One Book” scratch-off game, but I told her “No, Mom, that’s all you!” It takes like 20 minutes to scratch off all those games in that book!! She pleaded with me so I obliged her with one full page plus one more game before I managed to sneak outta there. She LOVES those scratch-off games!!!

Back in my office chair by 2:30 or so, and I think I booked more gigs for my friends today than for myself! (which is okay with me)… Ed, owner of Spirits in South Milwaukee, wants to have a regular rotation of Friday Happy Hour solo/acoustic artists, so I sent 4 friends his way: Eric Barbieri, Eroc, Roxie Beane, & Scott Berendt. He’ll have to try them all out & decide for himself! I’m booked there again this Friday so we’ll see what he has planned for these folks who call him back!

Also booked another Shenanigan’s gig in Kenosha for May, and two gigs at City Market in Shorewood. City Market is trying a new family-friendly live music thing outside on their patio, and they are not at all opposed to artists playing largely original music, so I’m all over that!

We decided to go with Dekorah for MARN Mic Night on April 19th, and Jen was happy to take the gig, so another job of mine tonight is creating that Facebook event page. I’m thrilled to have her!!!

Turns out the National Poetry Month event I was trying to coordinate with Nick Ramsey & Grassroots Wednesdays is not going to happen, but I certainly hope we will do something else with Grassroots this year.

Artbeat in the Heat is STILL without a solid date. I’d really like to move the event to July or August, but that will depend on our headliner-hopeful, Fever Marlene‘s avails. I am not happy about not being able to work with live sound engineer extraordinaire Paul Kneevers of the Analog Kitchen, but next year, we’ll have to plan this whole thing much, MUCH earlier.

My new partner in crime Jodie Niles will be here tomorrow, so I am really looking forward to a very productive day! Back to the grind for a few more hours!

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One Response to “Blogging Til I Win a Grammy: Day 766”

  1. Al from Grafton April 6, 2011 at 7:43 pm #

    Hey Annie.
    You, I, and Eric talked alot about music/instruments the Saturday night you two played Fox & Hounds. The Kiwi CD was perfect to listen to on the way home late at night, thanks. Being sick as you were, your voice improved as the night wore on. Who would’a thunked?
    One question for you- with all you do, how in the heck can you find time to grocery shop?
    I might stop by at the HD musuem show.