Blogging Til I WIn a Grammy: Day 764

Post #40 of ANNIE B.’s D.I.Y. MAGAZINE: In Work Mode All Weekend When I Should Have Been In Bed!

This weekend was rough, yes, since I had 4 shows while very, VERY sick. Thursday night it was Reckless Life at Rooter’s, and I could not get through all the songs. Luckily, a friend, Jason Updike, was in the crowd, so he was called up to sing “Sweet Child O’ Mine” and he really did a nice job. Axl was quite the amazing singer, indeed. Also lucky… it was one of those showcase gigs AND it was double-booked, so if we didn’t play a full set that was just fine. There was another band showcasing after us and I did not stick around for them. I was so miserable after that show, I was really wondering how I’d make it through Friday’s TWO shows.

Friday night at the Intercontinental turned out to be pretty great. I slept in all day, and convinced my boyfriend to help me with my gear (which I NEVER do… it’s MY gig, MY problem… but Friday night, I was sick…) I was able to come up with enough original songs that do not task my voice for almost a full 90-minute set… I played 2 covers (“Breakfast at Tiffany’s”, and “Blister In the Sun”) and the rest was original. I had a special request from Kendall Polster to play “The Jennifer Song” again, so that was my last song, which kind of saved me. Otherwise, I was looking at doing “Something’s Missing” and that could have been a disaster. There were a few songs that needed to be altered vocally, but who would know unless they had already heard the song a bunch of times? Kendall’s crowd didn’t show up until about 9:30, so those folks weren’t there for all that. I think I did really a nice job given the limited vocal range I had to deal with. Then, Reckless Life again at 1:15am… and these guys were already aware of my problem, so Dave Rossignol lined up Jason to sing “Sweet Child O’ Mine” and “Night Train”, and I hear he again did a great job… I ran out the door straight to my bed as soon as my 5 songs were done!

Saturday I spent in bed all day again, until my 4-hour duo gig with Eric Barbieri (of the BARBEEZ), and that was a relief, since Eric does a lot of the singing when we play as a duo. (Perhaps because we play most of the songs he has charts for. Most of my songs have been memorized, so I don’t have charts, or the charts I do have are partial to my needs.) I sing harmonies on most of the songs, but he also has a harmonizer, so I told him to get ready to kick that thing in more than what he might normally do with our duo. I was feeling much better by about halfway through the gig, but I knew when I got home, I’d be ready to crash again. And that’s just what I did!

In bed again all day today, and now I am finally starting to feel better. Although I believe I will be crashing again here soon just to make sure I have licked this thing completely. This week, there are THREE acupuncture appointments with my mom, which takes up at least 4-5 hours of my day. Normally, we go on Tuesdays & Thursdays, (and have been going twice a week since October), but since I canceled Tuesday’s last week to make sure I was ready for the photo shoot, (and Thursday I was sick,) we are making one appointment up on Monday this week. I think we’ll be going down to once a week after this week.

Coming up this week, I have a Happy Hour gig on Friday, and I’ve GOT to secure a featured artist for MARN Mic Night on Tuesday, April 19. Rehearsal on Wed. night, and I’ll probably meet with Cindy at some point this week to start making plans for the Europe Fundraiser!!! I really need to find me a last-minute gig for Saturday night as well – – Wish me luck!!

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