Blogging Til I Win a Grammy: Day 680

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Well, it’s a new year, and new energy is in the air!  It’s time for resolutions, visions, and activites to get 2011 goals underway!  One of the things I’ve been wanting to accomplish is getting out to Europe to investigate the music scene and learn how to make a name for myself in Europe.  You may or may not know that Europe is VERY artist-friendly.  Artists are respected and valued members of society in Europe, and can make a decent living much easier than in the U.S. because of this.  Many American artists go to Europe first because Americans are so finicky when it comes to accepting new artists (especially relatively unknown artists).  A great example: Jimi Hendrix went to Europe and blew up there before people in the U.S. would warm up to him.  Once the U.S. heard about his success in Europe, people wanted to know & hear more.

I’ve been wanting to go to Europe for years now, and I think 2011 is the time for me to do that.  I have a good friend who lives in the Ukraine.  His name is Steve Daubs, and he was a featured artist in Milwaukee Artbeat in 2009.  I am planning on going to Europe in late spring/early summer this year, and staying with Steve for at least the first week or two while I am there.  I am still undecided on how long I will stay for my first trip out there, and it would be a good idea to be around for festival season in Milwaukee, so I may be out there for only about a month.  I will most likely purchase a one-way ticket, and spend every waking moment making contacts and performing here & there as opportunities present themselves, and let the success of my activities in Europe dictate how long I stay.  Then I would love to return in early fall, with gigs lined up… hopefully a decently successful tour of Europe.

I went to an event today where a psychic did readings from people’s spirit guides.  You can ask a question you are seeking answers for, or you can have her tell you what your spirit guides are giving her to tell you.  I told her to start with whatever she was getting from my guides.  My guides told her I’ve had some good career success, but that it’s never enough for me.  They said I’d have to eventually give up my anonymity because I’d be so famous, and they also said that I am okay with that.  My guides were telling her someone would hear a demo of mine and really like it, & that there is a contract in my future, and that this contract was going to start to manifest around late spring or early summer this year, and that it would be for activity around August or September.

I did have a big question for her, regarding my career.  I had to ask her, “What about Europe?”

She told me the contract was related to Europe… I have a green light for Europe, and I will do very well in Italy.  I’ll also do well in Spain, and the Scandinavian countries & Denmark, but I should avoid Germany & Austria.  I asked her about the Ukraine, and she told me I’d also do well there.  She pointed out a triangular shape that would connect the dots where my main contacts would be.  The southernmost point was near lots of water, and there was plenty of distance between the 3 points, so it looked to be pointing to the Ukraine, Italy, and perhaps Denmark or the U.K.   It looked like the northernmost point was a bit west of the southernmost point.  It could also be the Ukraine, Spain, & Iceland (since Iceland is a Scandinavian country).  The first 3 countries she mentioned (Italy, Spain, and Scandinavia/Danmark) do not quite make the same sort of triangle she showed me, so I am guessing that the Ukraine is something the spirit guides do not need to tell me about… We all know that will be my starting point.

Interestingly, when I lived in L.A., Shut Up Marie had a drummer from Italy for awhile.  He was unable to stay in the U.S., since he never got a green card.  Thanks to Facebook, he and I are in contact!!  I just sent him a message on Facebook.

It looks like I have a small but good start on my plans to get to Europe.  Next, I need to get into contact with people from Spain & Denmark/Scandinavia!  Do you have any friends you can connect me with??

What is something you’ve always wanted to do all your life?  Maybe 2011 is the year for you!  What is a balsy move you can make to move your career or your life forward?  Put it in your 2011 calendar!  If you don’t do it this year, WHEN do you think you’ll ever do it?  That psychic that I saw today said that there is a lot of light when she looks for answers about 2011.  It’s time for us all to seize the day!

Happy New Year!  Let’s make it a GREAT 2011!!!

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    Good stuff on Day 680 Annie B.. I even agree with most of it!