Blogging Til I Win a Grammy: Day 667

Post #35 of ANNIE B.’s D.I.Y. MAGAZINE: Creating Your Creative Space Part 3

Still working on the feng shui in my office, but one thing I have noticed is that this water fountain that I constantly have running seems to help with my productivity. This was purchased and placed in my office around Nov. 1, and it seems to help bring the right energy into my work space, or at least it helps with the flow of energy.

My office just feels really good and I feel a different energy than I ever have before when it comes to my career. It seems that things are moving in a new direction, and I have learned to create more opportunities for myself than ever before. For the months of November & December of this year, my income has increased by $500 per month, as compared to April through October of this year. This could be due to the fact that I now have my own office separate from all the other rooms in my house, but I strongly believe that’s it’s also due to the energy flow in this space, even though I’m not done designing it.  (I guess that $100 fountain was a good investment!!)  Just wait until my office is done and I have everything set up in here just how I have planned! I’d love to double my income and I believe it’s possible. That’s what I was making in Austin, just before I moved back to WI in December of 2007 (due to family stuff)!

Also, I’m the kind of person that generally has too many projects going at once, and can’t put enough time into most of them. This results in a lot of wasted time on things that really may not be going anywhere anytime soon, or ever! I’m now working on finding the right balance between my career and my personal life (this has been a struggle ever since I first picked up that guitar in 1993)!!! Eliminating certain projects or limiting the time I spend on them has been a very good move for me.

Working hard at practicing the national anthem for the Milwaukee Wave Game on Dec 31st at the US Cellular Arena in downtown Milwaukee in front of thousands of people!  I’ll be sending my “audition tape” to other sports teams including the Brewers, Bucks, and Packers in the next couple of weeks.  Very busy getting ready for the holidays, but that has not stopped me in the career department… in fact, I might have more work right now due to the holidays (I’ve played a few holiday events)… we’ll see what happens to my schedule & income in January.  I am actively looking for new venues right now as well.  The focus has been Racine & Kenosha, so I’ll start looking at other towns after the holidays.  January is typically a very slow month for bars, so that may or may not be good for myself as an artist.  Some places will not have live music like they did in December, and some might want to try something new to bring more people in.

I need to run to drop off some Christmas cookies and gift CDs to the fine people at Clark Graphics today (I go there for all my short-run poster orders) as well as drop off my guitar case… the handle broke!  See you again soon!

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