Blogging Til I Win a Grammy: Day 613

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OK, so you may be wondering, “What ever happened to that plan to get organized and feng shui and all that?” Well, I am happy to report that I’ve successfully moved forward and have cleared the dining room, so that I can work on projects temporarily and then pack it up at the end of the time set aside for that project that day, leaving my dining room for my boyfriend and I to enjoy (or to just notice that it’s not cluttered!!!) The spare bedroom has successfully been converted to my new office (much thanks to Dave Rossignol who helped me move the bed and other furniture ouuta’ there including my Mom & Dad’s antique secretary desk)!! The new office isn’t quite feng-shui-ready yet, but I will give you the progress soon! In the meantime, I have found a whole travel bag of junk including old sets of USED strings I kept in case of a broken string at a gig!!! This system used to come in quite handy when I first started traveling all over the U.S. and played way too hard with too heavy a pick. I used to break a string at almost every gig. I guess I used to think it was cool….. I was a mean-ass guitarist, breaking strings all the time, right? (Wrong!!!) I finally learned that it was much better to play with the right guage pick and to have a few different guage NEW strings on hand in case of a broken string at a gig. I guess I thought it was better to have used strings to replace a broken string at a gig since then the string would be nice & stretched out and would stay in tune. But strings DO go bad after awhile, believe it or not! I found out not too long ago they do have an expiration date… like spoiled milk!!! Besides, who wants to play an old, dirty, dull, worn out string besides Eric Clapton??? Not me, I’m not talented enough to make those old strings sound good!!

Here is a photo of my dining room right now… you’ll see the box spring against the wall (which is to be moved to the basement this week), along with another dresser against the opposite wall (also to be moved to the basement), and my current little project of clearing out that travel bag of mostly old guitar strings in their packages:
In the background, all the chairs are empty except the one in front with a banker’s box of folders which is also being organized with this travel bag, and the chair where there’s jackets, a hat, and gloves, that we are donating to Coats For Kids.

Now, you may think that this scene is not much better than the last one from Day 603. But upon a closer investigation, you’ll see there are only two projects going at once… on the table there is the “old strings and the other contents from the travel bag” project, and the “banker’s box” project is on the chair upfront. In the other photo, there’s piles & piles of stuff that see no end point. It’s all one big jumbled mess, and cleaning up that Day 603 mess took about an hour of making sure all that stuff went into some orderly place. This is KEY: Everything has to have a PLACE. In today’s photo, it took minutes to clean up the little that was left after all the old strings were discarded. I brought out the travel bag & the bankers box from the places where they belong, worked on the stuff, and put it all away in minutes. It feels good.

So, moving forward and I’ll soon have my new office ready to rock and will be back in business with all sorts of new gigs and opportunities. Like Jamie Lee said, in order to have time for the things that are REALLY important, you have to keep things orderly!!!

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