Blogging Til I Win a Grammy: Day 454

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“I promise to post blogs here, sharing some daily activities & the work I do to achieve my career goals, and when I do win that Grammy, YOU can say you followed me all the way! I also hope to give inspiration, information, & advice to indie artists, and I hope you take a little something away with you when you read my posts, whether or not you are yourself an artist!”

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Well, these last few weeks have been interesting! For my Linneman’s show on May 14th, I was hoping to get more friends out, but I was very happy that morning when VIC THOMAS (yes, Vic Thomas from Summerfest) actually called me, letting me know he’s heard good things about me & he’d try to make it out to Linneman’s to see me! I was surprised to get a call from him, but I also found out that some friends of mine are friends with him, and they had some very nice things to say to Vic about me the Thursday night before my show. Thanks, guys!!!! It turns out I did not see Vic at my show, but that does not mean he did not make it out (it’s a very dark venue inside)!

Anyhoo, my schedule has changed… I am now looking to have my website launch party in July at the Elbo Room, and a CD Release party in Sept., maybe. I am scheduled to get back into the studio to work on the bass track for The Kiwi Cafe (title track) this Thursday. We started tracking bass about 10 days ago, and will hopefully finish editing on Thursday.

In another area of my life, I visited my Dad today (he has Alzheimer’s) and he is not doing the greatest. I can tell he has lost weight but he can still converse with me. I hope to visit him a few times a week these days, rather than once a week or so. I have a picture of him on my dresser from when he was in high school… he was quite the handsome guy. And no, I’m not just saying that because he’s my Pop.

Life is short, that’s for sure. I know my Pop always wanted to be a famous actor. When I lived in Hollywood, he used to tell me about his trip to Hollywood when he was down there in So Cali (probably training in boot camp)… he went to the Brown Derby and the owner there said my Pop should go back to the Derby after the war to become a famous actor. My Pop used to tell me all the time, “Go find that guy at the Brown Derby (which is how just “The Derby”) and tell him you’re my daughter…. he’ll remember me!” I guess I have always been a lot like my Pop… a person with some big dreams! Although I also think my Pop should have been a drummer… When I was a little girl, my family used to all eat dinner together at the dining room table at least once a week, & he used to do paradiddles at the kitchen table with his utensils… topped off with a couple of tasty drum fills on his milk glass and dinner plate. That’s my Pop…. generally a happy guy, often in a sing-songy mood, but with a little Archie Bunker mixed in for good measure.

This should be a busy week. Last week, Sig (from the Hide House) and I met with Alderman Zielinski to get his blessing for ARTBEAT IN THE HEAT happening on July 31st in the Hide House parking lot! Need to get to the Licensing Division this week and talk to the guy about all the permits we’ll need. Artbeat Board Meeting tomorrow night, and I need to rehearse with Eroc & meet with Heather Acton (website developer) on Tuesday if possible. Wed. is a day I can hopefully get caught up on e-mail & FB (over 100 friend requests that I am trying to answer, sorry I have been sooooooooo behind)!! Wed. night is our last JustFaith meeting, Thursday is my first “Afterwaterfest” gig in Oshkosh, and then we’re already into Memorial Day weekend! The following weekend is the big Unnatural Act: Milwaukee debut at RipTide!!! Totally excited about that! We have to really spread the word – Lisa’s List is helping get the word out on that one!!! Thanks, Lisa!!!

Hope you have a fabulous week. Peace & Harmony,
Annie B.

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