Blogging Til I Win a Grammy: Day 423

Post #22: ‘Making it through this week’ : ANNIE B.’s D.I.Y. MAGAZINE
“I promise to post blogs here, sharing some daily activities & the work I do to achieve my career goals, and when I do win that Grammy, YOU can say you followed me all the way! I also hope to give inspiration, information, & advice to indie artists, and I hope you take a little something away with you when you read my posts, whether or not you are yourself an artist!”

If you ever have ANYTHING you’d like to respond to in my blog, PLEASE find me at

Milwaukee Artbeat’s One Year Anniversary is Friday. Thanks to all the amazing board members, I did not have to do almost everything by myself this time!!! We’ll have a raffle, a silent auction, and a salsa dance lesson! These are all new since the last Artbeat. But I am STILL sick this week (I usually get sick the week of, or the week after Artbeat, due to all the stress of all the extra activity)!!!! But the fact of the matter is that there are almost 11,000 kinds in 30 MPS schools who have NO ART classes in their schools, & I want to change that!!!!

Good news = There will be an article online about Artbeat in the Shepherd Express, and in the Third Coast Digest – YAY!!! Plus I’ll be on 91.7 WMSE on Thursday at 2! Totally cool!!!

Anyhoo, I am still working on getting my original music gigs too… I have been trying to get a hold of the Alchemist Theater for my CD release party. Thinking that June might be a good time for the CD release party, hoping I do not conflict with festivals. The website launch will be September maybe?

Too many tasks for one person… do I get an intern? To come to my house? Is that safe? Not sure… I guess I’d have to talk with Mike about that. I could really use one.

How to prioritize & balance everything – that’s the big question. I know I am looking for more ORIGINAL music gigs right now, and that’s been a nice change in direction. More soliciting for gigs, and less pay at first. But now I might be able to put together a promotional budget. Getting enough work these days to actually have the ability to put something back & start re-investing in my career. I’ll totally have to remember to contact the Bay View Compass about my CD release since I want to do it in Bay View. Plus, getting posters up all over town for shows such as the Art Bar, etc., would have been a good idea. Street team… must do!!! But Don (Art Bar owner) estimated I had 80 people to see me at the Art Bar… was that mostly online/Facebook promotion, or what? I wish I knew!!! I guess my Linneman’s show on May 14th & Elbo Room show on June 16 will be a good thing to start promoting right now!!!

Must get started on that Artbeat program… that’s always plenty of work. Since I am a perfectionist… UGH!

Have a great evening, and send good vibes so I get better and my health is back to 100% by tomorrow!!!!!
Peace & Harmony!!

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