Blogging Til I Win a Grammy: Day 4

I promise to post blogs here until I win a Grammy, and when I do win a Grammy, YOU can say you followed me all the way there!

Today is Day 4 of this little blogging project.

Yesterday and today were very productive, which is really good, since I go out of town tomorrow for 6 days. Not much work will be done while I’m at this weekend’s festivities. Myself and 24 friends are renting a house for a birthday party & big wine-tasting weekend in Northern Cali!!! Woo-hoo!!!

Yesterday I landed a gig in TX, and I also got confirmation from JC at the House of Bricks for opening for national touring artist G.B. Leighton, in Des Moines at the House of Bricks. Totally excited about this opening gig, and I am working with a drummer (and as of today, a bassist) so I can play with a 3-piece band for this gig. Might not be able to do the whole 40 minutes with the band, but we can open with a few songs, do some stuff as an acoustic duo (the bassist plays acoustic guitar as well) in the middle, then close out the show with the band again. I’ve got my landlord, a graphic artist, working on posters for that show.

Also yesterday, I reactivated my Sonicbids account so I can use that when contacting clubs. It’s much nicer for talent buyers to review my act with this online press kit, than going through MySpace and dealing with all the poo on there!!! This took probably 2 hours, since I had to upload songs, photos, I streamlined & updated my bio (like I try to do almost every week), I had to fix all the old info, and I had to re-do some other stuff like my press page. It’s done and it looks great:

I logged in to LinkedIn and found a totally FABULOUS recommendation from S.U.M. bassist George Radai. What a great guy, that George!!! So, I had to use part of that quote in my SonicBids bio as well.

Also started gathering info so I can write the bio for my cover band, Unnatural Act. The guys in the band love to e-mail info about pending band projects lined with goofy comments and remarks to the whole group and each other during the day. I find when I get caught up in this, it gets to be too much fun and I don’t get as much work done as I should.

Also continued research and contacting clubs in TX & KS. Bernie’s in Giddings, TX is a no-go… I have a gig in Des Moines the day before the only possible Giddings date – that would not work since it would be an 11-hour drive!!! Danny’s in Topeka, KS might happen… waiting to hear back from Jason, the talent buyer.

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