Blogging Til I Win a Grammy: Day 236

Day 236
Post #18 of ANNIE B.’s D.I.Y. MAGAZINE “Annie could be the most hard-working woman on the indie music scene today.” – George Radai, Deep End Productions. ANNIE: “I promise to post blogs here, sharing some daily activities & the work I do to achieve my career goals, and when I do win that Grammy, YOU can say you followed me all the way!”

Day 236
Well, it has been exactly 4 weeks since my last blog, so I must apologize! I have been to and from Texas, Milwaukee Artbeat came & went, my mom had surgery, my dad is in the hospital, and I FINALLY finished my mom’s & dad’s taxes for 2008! What more can I say? Can you blame me for not keeping up?

Texas was a blast, but next time I take such a trip, I will have to insist on better guarantees. I am glad I made the trip, but next time it will be different. I am glad I got to Austin to see my friends this time, however, since the last time I was down there, I did not make it to Austin. My boyfriend Mike met me in Dallas so he could experience the drive home with me, which was a lot of fun… we talked almost the whole time. Music was playing only for a few songs from New Maximum Donkey, a band my friend Steve from Sherman, TX told me about… very funny lyrics and groovy 60’s kind of songwriting. We stayed with JJ in Tulsa that night, after a nice dinner at her folks’ house. The next day was a 12-hour drive which was included a visit to “The Biggest Gift Store in the World” and a huge candy store… somewhere in the middle of MO, I think.

The following week was an interesting, as I woke up with a sore throat on Tuesday, and then found out on Wed. that our permit to serve/sell beer & wine was not sufficient. All day Wed. & Thurs. I was on the phone trying to figure out how to get the correct permit, but we ended up not having alcohol at the event. I was in bed for a good part of the week as well, which made for a crazy Friday, the day of Artbeat. I woke up early to color my hair, programs were designed and printed, cue cards for all 5 artists were written and printed, (which would explain all the typos, including the question asked by Nick Ramsey, “What’s your most embarrassing sex story?” for Jeremy Scott, the SAX player!!!! This was a very funny moment in the show!!!), items for giftbags were gathered and some wonderful Artbeaters including Tally Hayden & Shelly Bird (among others) helped to stuff all 200 of them, the set was designed by the M.U.T.E.S. and and thank Goodness Theo Q was available to bring the water & soda from the house, (plus buy more,) Mike ended up dealing with the coupons for Cafe Centraal at the last minute… it all seems like a big blur to me now, but it was a great show and we all had a great time!

Dad ended up in the hospital on Sunday morning, and visits are happening on a regular basis. Not sure the plan for what happens next, but please say a few prayers, also for: My uncle, who is also now receiving a higher level of care and I’ll be taking my mom to visit on Tuesday for his birthday.

Taxes were the next item on my To Do list, and those got finished, which is a HUGE burden off my shoulders, Yay! I am now trying to get caught up with rehearsals (we had 3 weeks off, right?) and other Shut Up Marie & promotional issues. I just realized that some people actually post their e-mail addresses on Facebook, so I’m now working on getting those of my friends and adding them to my list. There is a HUGE list of suggestions for promoting your show at the Elbo Room, and now I can start that. If you wish to see it, I can post it. You would FREAK.

Facebook promotions for the BBC is moving along, but there is more work to do with swapping mp3s from the other bands on the bill to cross-promote. Fortunately, these two bands are just as hard-working as S.U.M., so I believe we are all pulling our weight. I send an mp3 from the other bands to my fans, and they send a S.U.M. mp3 to their fans. Hopefully people bother to download the song. Terry from Ian and the Dream suggested just sending links, but I think there is something about sending an actual mp3… it’s a free song, like a gift. Most websites don’t offer the song as a free download.

It’s 6:20am! OMG I have been up all night! Better get some sleep!

Peace, Love, & Light!

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