Blogging Til I Win a Grammy: Day 208

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Day 208
I am packing & arranging everything I can for this trip to TX – I was planning on leaving this morning, but too much work (especially for ArtBeat) had me thinking one more day would be good to finish stuff… Promote for these shows this week, pay some bills, lock in the gallery artists for ArtBeat (and I did!!! Two more artists locked in today and we might just be done with our search – I will have them posted at by the end of this week!)

Also got a GREAT idea from another post from the amazing Derek Sivers:

This would require that I have lots more CDs available to sell, which also means that I need to burn more CDs before I hit the road… might not happen, but I might have a little free time before my show on Wed. night. Staying with a good friend and her beautiful daughter Teylor in Tulsa tomorrow night… I met this girl when I was looking for venues in Tulsa way back in 2006 and I stayed on her couch the night of that first gig and we have been friends ever since! Yay!!!

Wed. night I play at Rendezvous in Sherman, TX – that gig was set up by my friend Oliver White, who is also kind enough to have me on his couch Wed. night! Oliver is an AMAZING artist I met in TX a few years ago. MySpace has it’s good points, even though there is a LOT of crap on there – Oliver got a hold of me there and we hooked up this gig! Thanks, Oliver!

Just sent a bulletin on MySpace about my shows.

Spent a bit of my day on Facebook – promoting ArtBeat. I still have 30 friend requests I have to deal with, but I should be able to do that Wed. & Thurs during the day. I have some free time before the gig Wed. night… the drive from Tulsa is only 3hrs, 10 min. I also have to create flyers for Break Time and the Field Office… should get those e-mailed out tonight.

Mostly been working on promoting these shows coming up, including the Shut Up Marie shows in Nov. (5th in Chicago, and 6th in Milwaukee). Locked in the closing band for Nov. 6th at the BBC – Government Zero will be playing that show with us!!!!!!!

Also found out that a friend of mine used to work at a radio station in Chicago and might be able to hook up a connection at Q101… I am working on that also this week… will have to try and mail a CD to this guy so he can get it to the right person!!!

So much work to do, so little time!!!!!!!!!! I need to start packing now!!!!!!!!!!!

Have a killer night, and keep loading your gun!!!

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