Blogging Til I Win a Grammy: Day 203

Day 203 of ANNIE B.’s D.I.Y. MAGAZINE (Post #16) “Annie could be the most hard-working woman on the indie music scene today.” – George Radai, Deep End Productions. I promise to post blogs here, sharing some daily activities of all the work I do to get there until I win, and when I do, YOU can say you followed me all the way!

Yep, I DID get that iMix done – it’s called GREAT GRRL MUSIC! Please look it up in the list of iMixes! Planning on making more when I have more free time…………………????????????????? So, I noticed on that Artist X thingy that Artist X is not really doing any better when it comes to improving his success. With all the marketing stuff there is out there that artists need to be doing, how can anyone get it all done??? I can totally understand how he’s not doing any better. There’s not time to get all the stuff done that any one artist has to get done.

Anyhoo, so I am finishing up those press kits tonight, making posters for the TX gigs, and also have to start burning more CDs for Plein Air on Friday. My fabulous boyfriend is helping me sell CDs and getting info to people… having a person to do your merch is crucial. I need Tshirts!!!!!!! I guess I should have some made, but I can’t decide on a design. Maybe the Kiwi Cafe artwork would work well if Jesse Engelbrecht would get the stuff to me!

Anyhoo, Artbeat and TX is creeping up on me real quick-like! Better get back to work!!!!!!!

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