Blogging Til I Win a Grammy: Day 179

Day 179 of ANNIE B.’s D.I.Y. MAGAZINE (Post #13)

This past weekend was great – Saturday U.A. played Russ’ backyard party “Katzenjammer” (Russ plays guitar for Unnatural Act) and then Zoo Ala Carte on Sunday and it was great to hang out with Melissa’s (best friend from college) family for the rest of Sunday afternoon! Was supposed to meet with Steve Daubs Sunday night to get a full update about his trip to the Ukraine and also talk about the Oct 9th Artbeat, but I was way too tired after my full day Sunday.

Scott Berendt is hooking me up with a song on the Buck’s local artist CD compliation featuring songs from bands who play in the Atrium at the Bradley Center before Bucks games. I played there last January with my acoustic cover trio and Scott is supposed to hook me up with another gig like that this year. I dropped off my CD to Scott yesterday morning so I hope to hear from him later this week.

Anthony just talked to a bass player for the new project. Anthony and I met today to work on songs at his house and things are moving along with that project. Kind of in a new direction? I did e-mail another bassist from Craigslist this morning, too. We’re trying to get into the studio to record a 4-song demo, but now we are not sure what songs to include on the demo. Changes in direction are making for some frustration but we ARE moving forward.

Also today I dropped off some promo materials for myself (solo/duo/trio) and for Unnatural Act for Johnny B. to get some bookings for us, perhaps at Rookies in Oconomowoc. We might have a few sweet & well-paying gigs in Sept. if he can pull it off. I need to check in with him tomorrow to find out more details on these gigs… he’s supposed to meet with these folks tomorrow.

This morning I emptied out a big box. Believe it or not, I still have unpacked boxes here (I moved in a year ago), but that’s because some of the boxes contain kitchen stuff & other stuff which I do not need to unpack here. Unpacking is still happening also due to the organization I desire. I can’t seem to unpack everything at once, it gets too disorganized. But since I cleaned the hell outta this place last week, it feels sooooooooo much nicer, there is more room, and the energy is better. I hope to unpack & organize one box every morning until I am done. I think I can do that and be done in a week or two. Wouldn’t that be fabulous?

Also last night, I visited my Pop. He and I played Connect Four. He liked that game.

Tomorrow night is orientation for JustFaith, through Three Holy Women Church. I am really looking forward to that project, and I hope I don’t have time conflicts with it.

Well, have a great night and I’ll see you again soon!!!!!

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