Blogging Til I Win a Grammy: Day 144

Day 144 of ANNIE B.’s D.I.Y. MAGAZINE (Post #7)

Well, earlier this week, I booked 2 more gigs at the Klavier Lounge in Germantown – they are gigs where I play mostly covers, but hey, it’s better than waiting tables!!! I also got a gig at The GAP for their Born To Play campaign which celebrates their 100th anniversary or something cool like that! This is not a paid gig, but hopefully it will bring some exposure since they are doing a big ad campaign to hype up the whole thing!

Today, however, I did not do much for my career, in fact, I am a little behind, especially when it comes to Artbeat! I had a family crisis late last week and I am still working on resolving the crisis, but it will be resolved in the next few weeks. I was up at 5:30 this morning to get some flyers and a promo kit to “Darlin” Nikki Janzen, the opener for Artbeat. Then off to pick up my mom & deal with the family situation all day today. I got home around 3:30 and needed a nap. In the meantime, I am now blogging on a computer that is sitting on a desk that is so full of papers and projects in the middle stages, it’s hard to keep everything straight.

So, here I am , trying to refocus, as I wrote about last week. The band is not rehearsing this week, due to people out of town. But we will resume next week Monday, and we are now looking for a bassist. Two interested players responded to my craigslist ad, so I will investigate this week.

Just wrote a new song tonight, perhaps another that will be pitched to someone like Katy Perry, or maybe we’ll keep it and make it work for S.U.M. or the other project. It’s too new to know what needs to happen with it.

I did have a meeting with yesterday and they are now handling my websites for Annie B. and for Artbeat! They should be able to make Artbeat’s online network a reality before July 31st, so I am VERY excited about that! I found out about the company through Jim, the owner of the Coach House in Big Bend. He uses them for his website, and they seem to be very cool people! Totally excited about the new relationship!!! They are not only going to build my websites, but they will help in marketing & bringing in traffic – which is really more important than the site itself, in terms of what’s going to help you sell products online. Please look out for soon!!!!!!!!! Yay!!!

In other activity, the GAP store I am performing at in IL is very excited about the Aug. 20th show, and 15 sampler CDs for all store employees are being burned as I blog. Still undecided as of right now if I am bringing the full band or what. The sampler CD consists of “Everything”, “You and Me”, and “The Shining Light”. I know that “Everything” is not a acoustic song, but we will be doing an acoustic version of that song at this show for sure.

I need to run off and drop off some quarter-page ARTBEAT flyers to Scott Berendt right now, so I will sign off for tonight…

Until my next exciting blog, have a GREAT evening, and keep loading your gun!!!

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