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The Kiwi Cafe CD ($10.)KIWI CAFE COVER #1
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Track listing:
1. The Kiwi Cafe
2. Girl of Secrets
3. To You
4. Hazeltine
5. You and Me (The Jennifer Song)
6. No Surprise
7. What Do You Do
8. Chase Her
9. Over Me
10. Hide
11. Rain in L.A.
12. Lay Down
13. Shining Light
The Complication: Fancies of a Random Heart CD ($10.)
Fancies 2015 cover
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Track listing:
1. Give Me Pain
2. No Surprise
3. Cat Girl
4. The Shining Light
5. Over Me
6. Chase Her
7. Coffee Beans (rock)
8. Everything
9. These Boots Are Made For Walkin’
10. Hope
11. Something Missing
12. Coffee Beans (pop)
13. Fille Chatte

The Complication: Ladies’ t-shirt ($20.)Steampunk Shirt-Girls


The Complication: Men’s t-shirt ($20, or $22 for XXL) Steampunk Shirt-Guys

Sizes Sm- XL

Men’s XXL t-shirt:

Fridge-magnet-bottle-opener (2.25-inch diameter) ($5.)magnet

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