Everybody wants a cupcake, Baby

Everybody wants a second take, Baby

We all wish we had the other way, Baby,

But you can me, no, no, we just don’t give a shit


We all want to be a cantaloupe, Baby

We all have to have our ancillary capillaries

Sometimes it’s good to be a wallflower, Baby

But you and me, no, no, we just don’t give a shit


Well, I can’t understand, make sense of the aftermath

Everything seems so congruent, Yeah, yeah, yeah

Change my brain incentive, all the world seems so objected

Everybody so transport, Yeah, yeah, yeah

She said, she said everything is so addictive

Living in the ground that we live could diffuse at any second

He said she said there’s a new world imminent

Translate to a new perspective, yeah yeah yeah

(Imagine this, imagine me, yeah, yeah, yeah)


Take a good look at the overlay, Baby

It’s good to question all the regulations, Baby

Sometimes it feels like you’re a singular skeptic

But you and me, we want answers to all of it


Walk across the lake with me, come on

Walk across the lake with me, come on

You can do it, walk across the lake with me



The music for this song was written by Shut Up Marie guitarist Steve Braverman, and the lyrics by Annie.  This song was in the works right around the time when Annie decided to leave L.A. (2006), so Shut Up Marie never actually performed the song at any shows.  All the music was recorded at Braverman’s home studio, and he built the drum tracks, & played the bass & guitar tracks.   Annie wrote the lyrics for the song at Steve’s studio, and they quickly finished the song, along with another song in the works at that time, “Down”.  Cantaloupe was played by Annie’s first band when she moved back to Milwaukee… a band called Sparklepussy.

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