Blogging Til I Win A Grammy: Day 944

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It’s been a month of craziness getting ready for the CD Release Party and I think I’ve gained at least 5 lbs, my sleep and eating habits are horrible, my relationship with my boyfriend has suffered, and I am now eating Edy’s Butter Pecan ice cream right out of the 1  1/2-quart container.  My life sux right now.

In the meantime, I had an interview with Kevin from the Shepherd Express yesterday, the band had a photo shoot last week Monday with photographer extraordinaire James Conway and the photos looks great, we got airplay last week Friday from Andy Turner on WMSE, we’re scheduled to do Local Live on WMSE on Oct 11, the Morning Blend on Oct. 11, 414 Music on 88.9 Radio Milwaukee on Oct 13, and I am scheduling another interview with Bruce Winter on WUWM@Nite.  Also, Clark Edwards on WRLR will be doing a short interview tonight, WRLR and WUWM are both committed to doing ticket giveaways, Dori from WMSE took about 5 CDs to give to DJs yesterday, and I got an e-mail from last week and it looks like they’ll be able to do a CD review or something.

More to come, but I am telling you, when this CD Release Party is done, I’ll be glad!  Although that’s really only the beginning.  Our specialty radio campaign will then start and we’ll be soliciting CD reviews from national publications including Rolling Stone, Spin, Alternative Press Magazine, NME, and LOTS of others.

Carmen & Jodie have been amazing and I’m very blessed to be working with them!  Carmen has been able to secure a lot of the press and radio stuff, and I have to say, she’s just a doll!  Jodie was able to secure Music Under the Glass for ABVC, along with other great opporunities.  Nice job, ladies!!!!!

This needs to be a short blog entry since I simply have to get back to work!

High point of the day so far:  My friend Ryan Morris of the band Fluoxetine posted this on my FB profile page:  “Annie B!!! Hope you’re well! I just did a search for “how to release a cd,” and your website was the 11th link in google. I don’t know how you did it, but I’m very impressed!!!”

Low point of the day so far:  Looking at my list of things to do again.  Too much for one girl in 24 hours.  Too much for 10 girls in 24 hours.  UGH!

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