Blogging Til I Win A Grammy: Day 914

Post #53 of ANNIE B.’s D.I.Y. MAGAZINE: CD Release will be here before ya know it!

I spent a little time this week trying to figure out WHAT MAKES A DIFFERENCE when it comes to all the things we do as artists who manage our own careers (see my Blogging Til I Win a Grammy April 24th, 2011 blog entry).  I looked at website hits in relation to my blog entries, and I actually saw a substantial increase in website hits (close to double the number of hits) when I was blogging regularly vs. not blogging regularly.

MORE of WHAT MAKES A DIFFERENCE: Remember, when I told you I got that first call from Dan at Bay View Books & Music?  He found out about Annie B. when he read a little “music publication” written by Jodie Niles (we printed & distributed her blog entry from June 1, 2011) that I dropped off at his store.  He recalled seeing my posters all around Bay View and he feels that “everyone in Bay View knows about [me]”, so he called to offer me that gig on Oct. 1st.  Why does everyone in Bay View know about me?  I regularly post my flyers in storefront windows, bars, and coffee shops in Bay View.  I was posting in Bay View about 2 months ago and one guy at the bar said, “Ive been meaning to see you sometime… I keep seeing your posters all over!”  How many more times he will need to see a flyer of mine before he actually comes out to see me is not for sure.  But what I do know is that there was some research done on the subject of exposure by record labels studying radio airplay.  The conclusion is that in order for someone to remember the name or song title of a new artist on the radio, they have to have heard their song about 17 times!  Perhaps this guy will have to see my posters 17 times before he comes to see me.  I don’t know that I have posted stuff in Bay View 17 times, but I do know that the earlier I get my poster up, the more times I will have exposure to an increased number of eyes.  Of course you may want to re-post if your original post is several weeks before your event, since people WILL post their flyer over yours… especially at places like The Exclusive Company, & Alterra on Humboldt, where EVEYONE is posting their events!

Speaking of getting posters up around town:  This week, I met with Joan, my graphic artist, to start working on Annie B. Tshirts, and on the poster for our CD Release Party.  We are both very excited about these projects!  Hopefully posters will be done this week and I can get them up before Labor Day Weekend!  I guess we should really get her working on the CD artwork as well… OMG, I need to have that done this week!  UGH!!!!!!!!!

I also met with Dan from Bay View Books & Music & we booked Oct. 1st for a short afternoon set to build awareness & bring people into the store.  He designed flyers for me so I’ll be picking them on on Tuesday & hopefully I can get those up with my other posters!

Peter Thomas came into the studio last week to record cello on 2 songs for us, and Carlos Adames recorded some percussion on a number of songs.  Tony’s final mixes will be done this week for my approval and I’m sure we’ll be working on them all week, but I’m keeping my mastering appointment with Justin Perkins (Mystery Room Mastering) on Friday.

Cam is in the studio all day today, & tonight, Dekorah is recording backing vocals on The Shining Light.  Hopefully Tony and I can start working on solidifying the vocal tracks after that… but that might have to wait until tomorrow night.  My job today is to listen carefully to all the vocals (he e-mailed me all the tracks this week) so we can start working on tweaks.

Gigs this past weekend were fantastic!   I played a new venue on Thursday: Lo-Cash Live.  That’s a GREAT venue because it’s set up to be a live music venue… the focus is the stage & the music… the music is turned up nice & loud without being too loud (versus being in the background).  I was surprised I didn’t sell any CDs, however… I was expecting to sell at least a few.  Venues like that might require that I bring someone with me to sell CDs & Tshirts.  Carmen recommended someone that I can call to discuss hiring for that!

Friday night was another fabulous night at the Bella Vista Suites!  I sold 2 CDs that night.  They re-booked me for a bunch of additional dates last week as well.  Saturday, I did an afternoon gig at the Kenosha Tap for their “Nasser for Mayor” Party.  Nasser owns the venue, and I’m sure he’ll have me back now that he’s seen what I can do!!!  I hope he wins, so if you live in Kenosha, vote for Nasser in the February Primaries!!!!!!

Saturday night in Sheboygan (Mojo’s) was also pretty amazing, although I would have liked to bring a bit of my own crowd to the venue.  I got a great response, sold 3 CDs & 2 Tshirts, and the patrons were really enjoying my original music.  I has a nice long chat with the owner (Joe) and he will have me back and hopefully next time I will have a few of my own fans!  I need to really start reaching out to Sheboygan… they appreciate the arts & original music up there!  He told me about a radio station I should target:  The Point (104.5)… Thanks, Joe!!!!

I got home at about 3:30am and I’ve been suffering from allergies for about the last 2 or 3 days straight.  I started out last night with such a dry throat… I started my first song and realized I wasn’t going to be able to pull if off until my voice was warmed up a lot more…. I started the guitar for the song, started singing, realized I needed to NOT sing that song, and started singing another song with the same chords!  Sometimes you have to be quick-thinking & creative up there!   I hope no one noticed but I don’t think anyone did!!!  (I was doing acupuncture earlier this year and it was helping my allergies but I stopped doing it… I wish I could afford to go back!!!)

This week is the deadline for finishing the CD (including artwork, liner notes, the whole nine), AND the photos for the Special Edition of HERLIFE Magazine.  Send good vibes so we get it all done and it’s spectacular!!!


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