Blogging Til I Win A Grammy: Day 910

Post #52 of ANNIE B.’s D.I.Y. MAGAZINE This summer flew by!!!  And, building a well-oiled machine!

I cannot believe how quickly the summer went! No time to even breathe! Summerfest was an amazing show, and we worked with Paul Kneevers & Lodi Broekhuizen to get a live multi-track feed from the board that could later be mixed. They did a great job – it sounds amazing! I hope we can release a “Live at Summerfest” CD, but we shall see!! We also got some great video footage thanks to Joe Dean who will be helping create a 10-minute promotional video for us to send to regional & international booking agents. Joe captured video from our Brady Street Festival and Artbeat in the Heat shows to make for a variety of shots for the video.

The recording of our new CD has been moving along, and Tony Schueller of Anton Music Productions has really been working his tail off to get the thing done on time. We are getting very close and I am so grateful to be working with Tony.

Carmen and Jodie have been doing an amazing job! This month alone, Jodie’s bookings generated over $1000 in income for me! She’s pretty amazing. It’s really true when they say “You gotta spend money to make money” since it took Jodie a couple of months of calls, e-mails, & follow-up before she booked her first gig for me, but now she’s ROCKIN’!!!!!! In fact, her first day on the job was March 30th, & this weekend marks where the income from her bookings have broken even with what’s been spent to employ her – after this weekend, she’s “ahead of the game” and will only be on the “plus” side from here on out! I am sooo excited that I was able to hire her!!!! Also, Carmen has been able to reach a number of press outlets & radio stations to promote our CD Release Party, and I am really excited to see how they all pan out! It’s crunch time now and I am really happy that things are looking really good from here!!!!!! Thanks, ladies!!!!!! And of course Pinot Louise has been doing a spectacular job as floor supervisor. She takes quite a few naps due to rigorous efforts while in the job, but she really deserves a nice, long cat-nap at the end (or in the middle) of the day!

So, it’s all about building yourself a well-oiled machine for your business. Since I hired Jodie, I have more free time to do other things that will move my career forward more quickly. (Namely, promotions, press & radio, and product development.) Next thing I can do once I see that Jodie is generating increasing monthly incomes is to hire another person to do another task that I need help with. (And at some point, it would of course be nice to give Jodie a raise!) It’s really also about investing what you earn right back into the business.

One thing that I have certainly learned in the last 5 months is that my solo career is generating more income for me right now than anything. So I really need to focus more on that than anything right now, until I have more flexibility with my income to put into my different projects. I have been so focused on ABVC that I may have missed other opportunities with my solo career. There is a balance that I am trying to achieve with the two different projects, and I have not been able to find it quite yet. Perhaps Jodie can help me figure it out! You know she’s also a life coach, dontcha???

Things for me to consider:
1. Should I have a “Kiwi Cafe CD Party” (as opposed to a CD Release Party, since I already released the record, back in 2010)? I could shoot for January or February, when there is very little going on, and I am looking for an excuse to promote something BIG.
2. Do I need to have different T-shirts for Annie B. solo?
3. Should I start my visual art series? Exclusively “music art” that I could sell at my shows? I might do well in Lake Geneva and other artsy towns like Cedarburg. (It’s part of the Annie B. Empire that I jokingly discussed with my boyfriend a year or two ago!)
4. What about Europe? Am I still going to Europe next year???

All these questions and more… to be answered at some point in the future!

High Point of the Day:  (1) Realizing that Jodie is reaching her “break even” point this weekend! (2) Seeing that Dave Luhrssen from the Shepherd Express is giving our CD Release Party some “coverage”! (3) New booking at BJ Wentker’s in Burlington, WI (Thanks, Jodie)!!!!!!

Low Point of the Day: Continued uncertainly about having our CD done on time, and knowing how much work there is still to do (song order, artwork, lots of duplication packages to consider, etc)!!!

Other stuff I did today:

Scheduled a new photo shoot for HERLIFE’s Special Edition, scheduled facial for a day before that photo shoot & hair appt. for the day of the shoot, booked a show at BJ Wentker’s in Burlington, WI, sent invoice & poster to BJ’s, updated Facebook event page for ABVC CD Release Party, posted EVERYWHERE about visual artists needed for Release Party, including a website page for it:, booked Dekorah to sing backing vox on the CD for Sunday at 6pm, handled changing times for Carlos recording percussion tomorrow, followed up on some press outreach & bookings including Bay View Brewhaus & others, regular Facebook & MailChimp activity.

Until next time!

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