Blogging Til I Win A Grammy: Day 846

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OK, if I want to blog until I win a Grammy, it would probably be a good idea to join NARAS… the National Academy of Recording Arts & Sciences… the organization that puts together the Grammys!!! I finally filled out my application tonight… more about that in a bit.

These last 3 weeks have been amazing with the Art Milwaukee after-party for ABVC, a show for us June 10th in Madison at the Mercury with the BlackCAPS and Kitty Rhombus, and plenty of other solo gigs for me. I met Boris & Doris from the Shepherd Express at the “Arabian Nights” Art Milwaukee event at Casablanca! I don’t know if they mentioned anything about ABVC in their article for that week, however.

I played a new venue in Lake Geneva last weekend: On The Waterfront at the Bella Vista Suites (a venue that was listed in a paper that Mike found in the area, and Jodie pursued diligently!) Duke, the owner/editor in chief of the local paper The Lakefronter was there, and I must have made a pretty good impression since he’s going to do an article on me & my band highlighting our Summerfest appearance! I can’t wait to see it!

Jodie also wrote a very entertaining article about me for Art Milwaukee, which can be found here. This article makes me look like a crazy-person who can’t keep her head on straight. Is that really the case? It’s a fun article, please take the time to enjoy it! Thanks, Jodie!!!!!!!

The Winthrop Harbor Yacht Club gig I played on Saturday, June 4th was also a huge success… they asked me to play for the dinner event they had scheduled that evening! That was a great day and I hope to be back there soon! Everyone there was incredibly nice!!

The following week was the NARAS event with Daniel Nathan and his girlfriend Marisa. I met Chicago Chapter Assistant (and also the guy who is in charge of new members) Maurice Kalous. Great guy, and very helpful. I sent him an e-mail & voice-mail and he was able to give me a shout today and talk to me a bit about the Chicago Chapter committees. Turns out I know David Silbaugh, who was a co-chair for the Rock Committee this past year, and is now the Chicago Chapter Vice President!!! I am hoping he can recommend me for the rock committee for the upcoming year once I am confirmed a voting member. This should be happening in the next 2 weeks or so since I FINALLY filled out my application to become a member (and I qualify as a voting member since I have enough credits with the 2 Shut Up Marie records on iTunes). The deal is that you have to have at least 6 tracks available through “traditional distribution” (available at record stores throughout the U.S.), OR at least 12 tracks available through digital distribution. I am soooooooo excited!!! Maurice told me it takes about 2 weeks, and I just finished my online application!

We also tracked drums & bass for Cat Girl, The Shining Light, No Surprise, and Chase Her at the Analog Kitchen with Paul Kneevers. I hope we can stay on our very tight schedule to get this record done in time for our Oct. 14th CD Release Party at Shank Hall!!!!!!!! I’m Not A Pilot agreed to play that gig with us… and we’ll have live art by artists from Art Milwaukee & other Milwaukee artists!!! VERY EXCITING!!!!!!!!!!!

I also had a meeting with Peter Thomas of I’m Not A Pilot and he told me about the success of their CD Release Party last year. He was also VERY gracious to share his database of contacts with me so I can go after 414 Music on 88.9, and LOCAL/LIVE on WMSE, and LOTS more!!! Thanks, Peter! (Did you know he’s 3rd Chair Cello for the MSO???)

I am also incredibly relieved that I finally finished my 2008 & 2009 taxes!!!!!! OMG, I am SUCH a procrastinator!!!!!! Now the goal is to finish my 2010 taxes by Oct. 15. (Now, really, what are the chances of that, with our CD Release Party happening on Oct 14??????????) Jodie also just today scheduled a show for ABVC at the Red Line Tap in Chicago which will serve as our “Chicago CD Release Party”!!! I can’t wait to find out who the other bands are in that night’s lineup… (TBA at this time)!!!!!!

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