Blogging Til I Win A Grammy: Day 824

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“I promise to post blogs here, sharing some daily activities & the work I do to achieve my career goals, and especially, to give inspiration to all, whether you are – or are not – an artist yourself! And, when I do win that Grammy, YOU can say you followed me all the way! Enjoy, and SEIZE THE DAY!”

The week of my last blog entry was craziness.  MARN Mic Night on Tuesday night 5/17, and Wed/Thu/Fri night were work nights for me, Saturday was the HarborMarket in Kenosha and another private party gig later that night at a beach house in Fox Point…. &  That was actually a GREAT gig since the girl who hosted the event ended up selling every CD in my bag and in my car that night before she would let me leave!!!

We then rehearsed every night this past week (Sunday through Thursday night) in anticipation of ABVC at the Brat Stop for BRATSTOCK – their 50th Anniversary Party.  We had a great audience both nights, although I liked the Beer Garden Stage a little more on Friday night than the Main Stage Saturday night… it was more intimate so people got more of a chance to really experience the band.  Both nights yielded 3 pages of e-mail addresses that I WILL enter into my MailChimp tonight.  I already did the “HERLIFE Party at Cuvee” mailing list earlier and that was surprisingly painless.

Friday night after the Brat Stop was the Well Informed Citizens CD Release Party at Linneman’s & the show was FANTASTIC – Daniel Nathan blew everyone away with his flute-playing…. who knew?????????  This was a blast and I’m glad I was able to keep myself together without having too many vodka-cokes & turning into a crazy beeotch!!!

Sunday was another busy day – Aly Jayne played the main stage at the Brat Stop that morning and I came out to support.  She was pretty amazing as usual!  Rehearsal at 3pm and then Dave and I went to the Rave to catch Godsmack.  It probably would have been a better experience for me if we were a little further back… the loud guitars & bass ended up sounding a little muddy since we were so close to the stage.  It was a great show nonetheless!!  Although I was bummed I could not make it there early enough to see my friends Losing Scarlet – –  they opened at 8pm!!!  Congrats, Scott & LOSING SCARLET!!!

Today was a 7 Mile Fair gig from 11:30-3:30 and it was HHHHHOOOOOOOOTTTT today!!!  I had a red face up until about 90 minutes after the gig.  Jodie hooked up that gig since of course her pop is the head of the whole party!

This week:  I really need to give Bruce Winter a call since we had a FABULOUS lunch date 8 days ago, we played “Coffee Beans” that Friday night, and I have not had a chance to thank him for everything!  Also need to get in touch with Dave McGrath at WGTD in Kenosha… he played an ABVC song every day last week at 12:20pm on WGTD for “Noon Tunes” on that station!  He stopped by when I played the Kenosha HarborMarket for the CD!  THANKS, DAVE!!!

Also, working on getting in touch with folks from WSUM and WORT in Madison to set up radio interviews in Madison the night of our show June 10th!  That’s not easy since these folks are NOT east to get in touch with!  That needs to be a BIG priority this week!!!

Coming up soon:  A NARAS Event… this is the organization who puts the Grammy Awards together!  I think it would be a good idea for me to join NARAS if I want to win a Grammy, dontcha think??????  That happen on June 8th… I was invited by Daniel Nathan who is also a member of the Academy.

HIGH POINT OF THE DAY:  When Jodie told me that the office never got so many compliments on the live music at 7 Mile Fair before!  “Congrats!” she said!

LOW POINT OF THE DAY: Realizing that I still have to deal with the box spring in the house.  Mike moved it to the hallway and I’m not sure we can get it downstairs.  We cannot get it upstairs since it’s an older house (not designed to be “friendly” to certain things).  Am I a hoarder?  I don’t want to get rid of this thing!  One more attempt to get it in the basement & if that does not work, it’s being donated!!!  I can do this!!!

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