Blogging Til I Win a Grammy: Day 2586

Well, well, well… I have been slacking for almost 3 years!  This year is my year to officially get caught up with everything as well as start building additional streams of income, which I have started working on already:  I am currently enrolled in 4 mentorship programs, one of them is building a career through teaching, another is how to get your music licensed in TV, film, video games, and all the other opportunities out there, another is how to find your SuperFans online which ultimately results in generating income through social media & the internet, and another is a general career mentoring program.  Each of these programs had different prices, & I signed up for them at different times, but I am working on all of them at this time, and hopefully will be working on them continually after the programs are completed, as I see results from my efforts & want those results to grow.

The band recently recruited a new drummer, and a female lead guitarist, and we just asked a female bassist to join the band as well, and we’ll be announcing her as our new bassist once we get closer to playing our first show with her!

I have learned one big thing since I started these mentoring programs:  Work on each of your goals a little bit every day if possible, and you will start to see desired results.  I finally started committing just a few short hours to finding new venues and booking more gigs to ensure that I am working every Friday & Saturday night of every month.  Even if it’s playing a gig with The Complication, which generally does not bring in a lot of money.

The mentoring program about SuperFans and the internet promises that I will generate income form my efforts, or I can get my money back for this program.  I just found this link online taking about using Facebook ads towards this goal:

This link talks about spending $5 per day on Facebook ads, and what those results are.  They are getting 9 new Likes per day, and I don’t know what kind of money they are generating from gaining new Likes or new business from this activity, but I’m not done reading the article yet.  Leveraging the internet through Facebook ads are the crux of the mentoring program, so I will be learning all about how to make this work.

I’ll update as I have more info or news for you, but in the meantime, if you are subscribing to this blog, please share it with your friends, and Follow me on Facebook, and Like The Complication on Facebook!  Thanks!!!!

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