Blogging Til I Win a Grammy: Day 1,362

Post #72 of ANNIE B.’s D.I.Y. MAGAZINE

Guitarists have responded to our ad… that’s a relief!!  We’re trying to hold auditions during the first week of Dec.  I just e-mailed my LinkedIn Music Licensing contact to see if he got the CDs.  Also am e-mailing the Non-COMMvention people this week to follow up on our submission.

I have not had time to go through my songs for that “Best Of” CD I’m trying to release…this kind of has been moved to a back burner for simmering.

I have to admit, I am feeling VERY blessed this week… Saturday’s turnout for my solo/acoustic show at 106 Seeboth was pretty amazing…. thanks to the following people for coming out: Charlie Wimmer, Bill White, Mariannet & Sequanna, Tom Radai, Cookie Dave, Dave Alswager, Mark Weinstock, Lady A, Big O, Minnow, CP, Dennis Dykstra, Gary Hintz, Dimitra & Rick, Mike Caldwell, the guy with the curly moustache, a new friend Nick, and a perhaps few other folks who I am blanking on right now (and for that I would like to apologize)!!!

I have a lot to be thankful for and seeing that Thanksgiving is this week, I am going to make sure that I extend my thanks to all of those people who have been there for me in so many ways.

I still need to find more work… November & December is still very weak… Mitch Cooper is helping out when we can… he hooked me up with a new venue in West Bend last Friday and it went over really well… they will be having me back soon… Thanks, Mitch!!!

Gary and I are working together on a few things… he has been making money writing songs for well-known artists since he was 18.  He and I just had a very interesting conversation about being a struggling artist, which he has never really been… he’s had songs picked up by well-known artists and played on the radio for years.  Must be nice!!!!!!  Congrats, Gary!!!!  Looking foward to working with you on whatever we can put together!!!

Back to the grind.  MailChimp is calling.


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