Blogging Til I Win a Grammy: Day 1,352

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The search for our new guitarist continues.  Ugh.  Do I need to post on Craigslist?  That would be a real pain due to a lot of flakes & wanna-be’s on there.  Don’t get me wrong, I have actually hooked up with some real, legit people from Craigslist ads.  Just one great example: I met the amazing & talented Mitch Cooper from a Craigslist post of mine.  He and I have become friends who work together whenever we can!  Anyhoo.

I connected with a music licensing guy here in Milwaukee on LinkedIn.  Sending him a CD of 16 songs today.  He sent me a message a few days ago asking “where’s the CD?” which is a good sign, I think.  I told him I’d send him a CD last week but I have so much music, I don’t know what to send him & don’t want to send too much.  I’m sending this CD to him today of 16 songs I picked for him to consider.  Hopefully that doesn’t overwhelm him… 16 new songs is a lot for anyone to digest.

I’ve also decided I’m doing an anthology or “Best Of” release of my work from 1997-2010.  Should be fun picking out the songs from all my past releases; there are 2 from my very first band, and 2 from Shut Up Marie, plus at least one unreleased song from Shut Up Marie that never made it to any CD due to my leaving L.A. in 2006.

Scheduling this recording to get The Storm and Julie recorded by ABVC here in Milwaukee has been a real struggle!  Schedules are always difficult to coordinate, but we’ve finally got our date with Paul Kneevers on Tuesday, Nov. 27th!  The guys from Velocity123 are expecting to get something sooner, but we’re doing our best!!!  Next job of mine is to schedule a show for ABVC in Nashville or Clarksville.

Bruce Winter suggested I submit for ABVC to showcase at the NON-COMMvention, which is a great showcase for musical acts who belong on non-commercial radio (AAA format, mostly).  I started putting together a nice-looking package for our submission.

I FINALLY updated our One Sheet.  I got some really good feedback from the girl who manages the Blue Olives (met her at the WAMI FAst Pitch) about how to improve our One Sheet.  That was a bit of work, but I think it looks great now.  I really need to remember to follow up on all those WAMI Fast Pitch People, as well as the people from Yellow Phone.

We were supposed to have a meeting with a new artist/band manager last night… and when I say “new,” I mean it.  She’s only been managing 2 hip-hop artists for about 6 months, and she flaked on our meeting.  (She cancelled 6 minutes before our meeting was to start last night.)  Bruce and I decided to write her off, but I asked her to call me today and we talked for awhile about her situation.  We’re giving her one more chance, so I’ll keep you posted.  We’re supposed to meet on Monday now.  It would be good to have a person on the team who can start working some other angles that I simply can’t work while down here in the trenches, grinding out band posters and e-mails, keeping everyone’s schedules organized, getting these 2 new songs recorded, writing press releases about our Grammy activity and the Metallica Tribute CD, and doing all the other crap I do!!

I also updated our website and worked on the MailChimp which is to go out next week, and my calendar (added 2 new gigs this week, THANK GOODNESS)!  I honestly have no idea what else I worked on today.  All I know is that I worked from about 10am until now.  I also did laundry, ran to Walgreens, & visited my mom for about an hour around 7pm-ish.  What the hell?  I feel like I worked my tail off all day but I don’t know exactly what I accomplished.  I guess I’m blurry.  After all, it’s 3am.  G’night!!

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