Blogging Til I Win a Grammy: Day 1,339

Post #70 of ANNIE B.’s D.I.Y. MAGAZINE: One More Step Closer to Actually Winning A Grammy!

The last two months brought a few changes, big & small.  We had an incredibly busy summer, and in September, we had 7 shows.  Then in October, things stopped like we hit a brick wall.  Don announced that he had to leave the band in early September, and agreed to play the rest of the shows on our calendar, and then he also agreed to play local shows until we found someone.

Needless to say, we’re looking for a lead guitarist.  Interested?  E-mail me at AnnieBBaby at gmail dot com!

Our last show on the books was Oct. 12th in Door County.  Nothing is scheduled as of right now, as I feel like perhaps we over-saturated our home market over the summer and we need to not have any more local shows until perhaps January.

This week has been particularly busy… Photo shoot on Tuesday, a phone call from Velocity Records, which now has us submitting a demo of our 2 latest songs The Storm, and Julie, & we’ll see if it results in some sort of plan to work together with Velocity.  Recording of the demo has been scheduled with Paul Kneevers for Wednesday, Nov. 7th.  Chris Peppas with The Examiner ( posted his interview with me as well as new photos from our shoot.  Thanks, Chris!!  I spoke with Piet Levy from the Journal Sentinel today for a piece about the show on Nov. 3rd at Best Place with Special Guest Cleemann from Copenhagen.  This piece should appear in print in the Weekend Cue section as well as online on Friday, Nov. 2nd.  Tomorrow morning I’ve got a Skpye interview with Kiva Johns-Adkins, the host of The Butterflies Radio IndieViews Artist Spotlight. The interview will air on Monday night!!  Lastly, the biggest news is that I’ve been asked to sing on a song for a Metallica tribute CD from Versailles Records (Nashville) which will feature lots of famous musicians from Kiss, Megadeath, Alice Cooper, and the like!!!!!  Gene McEwen, the most recent drummer to play for my L.A. band Shut Up Marie, invited me to be on his track.  He was asked to record Blackened and I’ll be singing it!!!  My name will be in the credits alongside these guys!!!!!  YAY!!!!!!!!!  Sooooo excited!!!  Please visit again soon for further updates on this project!!

So, this is a lot of great news but I have a great fear that I’ll have to work a “day job” for a spell in order to catch up with my financial responsibilities… UGH!!!!  Although I DO have many skills.  I sing, write songs, play music, I’m my own P.R. company, booking agency, promoter, errand/delivery boy, blogger, graphic artist, manager, producer, host, bookkeeper, accountant, project manager, guitar tech, roadie, content creator, I do website maintenence, social media, research, statistics, inventory control, comparitive shopping, I write press releases, I create & maintain databases, and I have also found myself acting as a babysitter.

Oh yes, it’s time once again to invite y’all to re-read that one old blog entry I sometimes refer to when I whine about all the crap I do besides my craft… “40 Tasks that Original/Indie Artists Need To Do To Compete in 2011′s Music Arena”  Here it is:

OK, I know you’re now wondering, “How in the hell is Annie One Step Closer to Actually Winning A Grammy?”

For the first time, I have songs that made it to the Nominating Ballot for the Grammys!  That’s How!  I am a voting member of NARAS, and I recieved my Nominating Ballot in the mail a week or two ago, and the submissions that I sent in for ABVC during August (submissions month), appeared in the following categories:

  •   Record of the Year:          Everything
  • Song of the Year: Everything
  • Album of the Year:           Fancies of a Random Heart
  • Best New Artist:               Annie B. & The Vagabond Company
  • Best Rock Performance:    Everything / Over me
  • Best Rock Song:               Everything
  • Best Rock Album:             Fancies of a Random Heart

I voted for myself!  Hope we get the nomination(s)!  It’s pretty much a longshot this year, but next year… I’ll get ’em!!!!!!!

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