Blogging Til I Win A Grammy: Day 1,187

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This weekend in La Crosse was magical! As I drove home this afternoon, I was in awe, contemplating the amazing time I had & friends I made over the weekend and the wonderful memories I will cherish of this trip. John Linder and the owner of Huck Finn’s, Chet, were both so gracious and sweet, and the staff there were very kind! And the wonderful friends I made on the trip are people I will hope to see every time I am back there… Jerry & Marilyn, Tim & Sharon, Rita & Don, Bonnie and her husband, all the other friends who hung with us for Clam Diggers on Tim & Sharon’s boat, and the other friends who showed up at Huck Finn’s on Sat. night…. I am truly blessed to have such a wonderful opportunity to travel and make new friends like these folks!

I do plan on getting back there the weekend of July 13th, hopefully with the band!

This month was pretty amazing (and it’s not over yet)… all the original music gigs and the ability for me to make the same money as last year is making me smile! June is looking a little scary since there are plenty of ABVC gigs where we are making little or no money, but we can be thankful for the exposure and the high-profile gigs.

I lost my mailing-list sign-up sheet from Thursday’s Lo-Cash show… UGH! Hopefully it will show up! My goal is to be up to 2,000 people on our mailing list by the end of June (= another 500 people needed)! I think this is certainly possible if we get someone to help collect e-mail addresses at the Dan Jam, & Sounds of Sussex. We certainly need more manpower to achieve our goals… maybe it’s time to post for interns again.

Have a KILLER Memorial Day and Thanks to our soldiers & veterans for serving our country and citizens. God bless!!

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