Blogging Til I Win A Grammy: Day 1,182

Post #64 of ANNIE B.’s D.I.Y. MAGAZINE

I have not managed to take much of a break, but what I HAVE decided is that I am going to take active steps to promote & focus ONLY on my original music. I am also taking a look at what my monthly income is compared to last year… the best year I’ve had financially since I started only playing music for a living. Of course, since my bread & butter has been the cover gigs, I am looking at how much money I am making NOW with more emphasis on the ORIGINAL music gigs (which tend to pay less, until you have reached a certain point, and your original music is IN DEMAND).

So far, I’m doing better than what I was doing last year. I am still playing plenty of cover gigs, but the number of gigs which have me playing only original music is substantially higher. You may or may not have noticed that I now have 2 calendars for my gigs. And the calendar which lists my cover gigs are no longer connected to this website. My “cover gigs” website & calendar page is Please visit there if you want to see me playing covers.

My goal is to have NO MORE COVER gigs within 2 years time, and also be making BETTER money. Yes, by May 2014 I will be making a living PLAYING ONLY MY ORIGINAL music. I suppose we can track the progress of that by visiting on a monthly basis and see how we’re doing there!

Next up is the exciting news that ABVC is playing Pridefest, Summerfest, The Dan Jam (Racine) Sounds of Sussex, Artbeat in the Heat, and a few other festivals & summer concerts! We’ll be in the next issue of the Wisconsin Gazette as they are doing a story on all the local talent at Pridefest this year!

The Spring 2012 Milwaukee Artbeat event was amazing, and I hope that if you were unable to make it to the event, you were able to stop by MOCT before the art was taken down (which is this week…. sorry)!

This weekend I will be in LaCrosse for the Grand Opening Weekend of a new joint out there called Huck Finn’s On The Water. Really excited about that, & hoping to get ABVC out there soon!!

Working VERY HARD on getting ABVC all over the state… we’re up in the U.P. for July 4th, and we’re up in Door County on August 24th at Sonny’s in Fish Creek, & on the 25th at Cherry Lanes in Sturgeon Bay… more info all these dates can be found at Hopefully there will be more state-wide gigs soon!!!

Time to change the laundry! See you soon!!!

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