Blogging Til I Win A Grammy: Day 1,112

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Sometimes you need to take a break, a Breather (the name of my 2nd band… before we changed our name to Shut Up Marie)! You need to step back & regroup. Take a look at your priorities and be open to re-prioritizing. I am kind of there right now. Perhaps it was triggered by my home life becoming unmanageable while my mom’s health is needing more & more of my attention these days. Perhaps it was reinforced by our website stats/activity dropping a bit in the last 2 weeks and I can’t really think of any reason that would have happened. I don’t know what is happening, but I need to take a step away for a bit, so I can take on a different perspective, and figure it all out. I need to figure out what I need to be doing differently.

At the exact moment I saw the first “NO PARKING – ANY TIME” sign on my drive home from visiting my mom tonight, Paul McCartney sang the words “ANY TIME, any day, you can hear the people say…” on my car radio. It kind of freaked me out a bit because I’m not much in the habit of looking at the traffic signs on the side of the road while I’m driving (which explains why I often miss the “SPEED LIMIT 30” signs). WHAT will happen ANY TIME? Like, is something supposed to happen any time now, or at any given time, or all the time? And, WHAT IS IT that’s supposed to happen or be happening any time?

I’m very curious and also cautious about taking a break since I might miss an opportunity if I do take a break. Or does it mean that I need to take this break in order to to re-prioritize and the opportunity will come from that? I guess my gut has always been able to generally provide the answer, so I will let that happen.

In the meantime, ABVC has been nominated for 2 WAMI Awards: Best Pop Band, and Song of the Year (for “Coffee Beans”. So excited about that… the Awards Show is April 15th. Oddly enough, I have 5 “gigs” in 3 days over that weekend… 2 in Appleton, 2 in Milwaukee, and 1 in Chicago. Lots of traveling that weekend.

Of course, I almost lost my head at the Coffee Beans Music Video Launch Party last Friday. I forgot my computer at home and we had no other way to play the DVD and get it on the big screen unless I drove home to get my ‘puter. Made our whole night run about 45 minutes late. Rick Rand told me I need to stop planning these big, involved events so I can just play & sing and not have any other worries. That’s some really good advice.

I am hoping to eventually reach out to all the festivals in my database but it’s very hard given the sheer numbers I have in festival listings. Perhaps I need to focus on the Midwest and hope I can land a few big ones like Wakarusa and of course I hope we get booked for Summerfest again. I should call Vic about once every 3 weeks these days.

The high point of the day: Finding out about our WAMI nominations!
Low point of the day: “Rejection” e-mail from the an ArtWalk after getting a VERY promising e-mail 2 weeks ago when they asked, “Would you be available for one or both days of the Art Walk Event, and what is your fee? Thanks again.” They decided against having music at the ArtWalk at all this year. I was bummed. It’s not that they didn’t like us… they just decided to do things differently this year and I thought for sure we had this gig.

“Life goes on!” -Lennon/McCartney

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