Blogging Til I Win A Grammy: Day 1,064: 15,000 Views for “Over Me”

Post #61 of ANNIE B.’s D.I.Y. MAGAZINE: 15,000 views for Over Me!!!

OMG, the plays on YouTube is freaking me out a little bit! Bugsy entered the 2nd Annie B. video he produced, “Over Me,” into a video contest and it went from under 3,000 views to over 15,000 in a week or less! Now our job is to get views for these videos in Europe. I found a list of European music video blogs and wish I had the time to start contacting those folks! I just posted for more interns for Annie B. Productions earlier this month.

Also had a nice long talk with Diana Lopez a few weeks ago and she gave me some great suggestions on our Europe campaign.

The Vox Concert Series last Friday was a great experience… The incredibly talented songbird Jackie Bristow flew up from Austin and we had a lot of fun hanging out all weekend, playing 3 shows together… The show at Best Place on Saturday night was a blast, and the show in Chicago on Sunday for the Chicago Acoustic Underground was also a lot of fun and I was happy with the HUGE turnout on a Sunday night!!! Lots of e-mails to add to my MailChimp list… I have been over 1,000 people on my fanlist for a few weeks now and that’s a good sign. I have heard more than once that the “magic number” you need in order to start seeing a good turnout at your shows is about 1,000. I can say that this seems to be correct.

The BIG job now is contacting all those European & US festivals that are in the database Carmen is working on… she seems to be making some pretty good headway quickly… Thanks, Carmen!!!

There were some videos taken for my shows this weekend and it’s ABOUT TIME I got some solo/acoustic videos up on the site! Enjoy!!!

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