Blogging Til I Win A Grammy: Day 1,019: 10,000 views for The Jennifer Song!

Post #60 of ANNIE B.’s D.I.Y. MAGAZINE: 10,000 views for The Jennifer Song!

Bugsy [the videographer who taped & produced “You and Me (The Jennifer Song)” video] called me a few weeks ago telling me about this Christian network of over 3 million contacts. He said they gave him their list but there’s really no way to effectively utilize this huge list of contacts in any way that makes a lot of sense to me as this point. We don’t know how many of these e-mail addresses are outdated, and we have no contact manager to add to & e-mail everyone, without it costing lots of money. I wasn’t sure how to deal with this information, so I kind of decided that if he wanted to investigate further, he could, but I wouldn’t even know where to start, so I kind of dropped the idea of doing something with that contact list.

I called him a few days ago asking him about his contact in Florida who works to get U.S. bands over to Europe, and then he mentioned that The Jennifer Song has over 10,000 views. I have no idea how that happened, except it must be related to the fact that he does have over 5,000 subscribers on YouTube. I mentioned the 10,000 views to the girl in Florida, and she seemed impressed. According to the girl in FL, the thing to do now is try to get more views in Europe (vs. the U.S.) Not sure how to do that, but THIS is worth investigating.

Anyhow, any ideas anyone has about this, please contact me with your ideas (through the contact form on this website). I certainly have a few contacts in Europe, but not many.

Either way, your help is needed to make sure that number of views continues to increase, so please enjoy the video and SHARE IT WITH YOUR FRIENDS!

I found this interesting article about going viral. Granted it’s from 2 years ago, but I imagine things have not changed drastically since then…

Thanks much and Happy Holidays!!!!!!!
Annie B.

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