Blogging Til I Win A Grammy: Day 1,013

Post #58 of ANNIE B.’s D.I.Y. MAGAZINE: Got my Grammy Invite!

Yes, I got my invitation to the 54th Annual Grammy Awards (Feb. 12, 2012 in L.A.) in the mail today! The new ABVC CD Fancies of a Random Heart missed the deadline to make it into the preliminary ballot, but hopefully that means we can be on the preliminary ballot for the 55th Annual Grammy Awards!

Got some great news today about the January shows with Jackie Bristow: We should have some radio interviews surrounding these shows! Brian Sauer sent a message to Jackie last week about an interview for our Marshfield show, and Michael, the gent handling the tentative Chicago-Area house concert for Sunday Jan. 22nd, suggested we could have a radio interview. Pretty exciting!

The focus on original music opportunities continues to grow. Today, Jodie and I found a number of new SE WI venues to contact, and she talked to Matt over at Turner Hall, who “keeps Annie B in mind for upcoming dates.” I am hoping to open for a big national act or two in the next 6 months. I am feeling it, and so is Jodie. Let’s PUT THAT OUT THERE!!

We are now working with a new guitarist, Don, who is getting himself up to speed at quite the decent pace! Totally excited about that, and his attitude and energy is so very positive in a big way! We really put a lot of time into the new song Julie last night, and Don is bringing something pretty amazing to the table. It’s been a huge pleasure working with Daniel Nathan, but he is unable to commit (and he shouldn’t commit) due to the focus he needs to put on his own project, Well Informed Citizens. I only wish the very best for him…. he totally deserves all the success in the world! He’s the guy who first got me involved in the Academy when he invited me to their blues event over the summer.

This week looks pretty quiet overall. Still looking to fill those Thursday nights with work! A couple of my venues have been cancelling their Thursday night music due to the economy… UGH! Things were really steady there for several months and now it’s looking a little scary! No, Mom, don’t make me get a day job!!!!! Thinking about some creative ways to get work on these nights!!! Maybe I need to look at more out-of-town venues?

Keep smiling and creating your OWN rules!!!

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