ATTN: Interns Needed!

Annie B Productions is in need of unpaid interns (this can turn into a paid position after 3 months of 10 hours/week with good performance) for booking, radio promotion, and other marketing & promotional activities. The knowledge you will gain from this internship applies to artists of ALL TYPES, since artist marketing & promotion crosses over to visual artists, actors, musical artists, and other creative people! Anyone interested in marketing/promotion, and/or music may apply!

You will learn a lot of the things Annie B has learned about the entertainment biz over a period of 19 years… instead of learning everything all on your own, you will benefit from this expertise and experience in order to move YOUR career forward faster than ever before!

Interested parties, please e-mail AnnieBBooking at gmail dot com with the following information:

1. What is your specific of interest? (visual art, music, artist marketing/promotions, acting, etc)
2. What is your experience in this area? (what have you done in this field so far?)
3. Are you available to commit to at least 6 hours/week during the following times: M-F 8am-7pm, and Saturday 10am-4pm? Can you commit up to 10 hours/week?
4. What time slots are you available from the above?
5. What are your career goals? (generally, like “making a living playing music” or “artist management”, etc)
6. Why would you make a good intern? (what are some qualities you possess that would make you an attractive candidate for this position?)
7. Do you have your own transportation?
8. Do you have a laptop that connects to WiFi? (This is a MUST.)
9. Do you know how many words per minute you can type? If yes, how many?
10. Would be able to commit to 6-10 hours/week for at least 3 months?
11. Are you looking for college credit? (College credit may be a possibility if we are able to set up a meeting with your academic department chair.)
12. Please include your name AND phone number!

Depending upon your performance, after 3-6 months, this position may turn into a paid position ($10/hour to start). Our location is in the (Northeast) Milwaukee area.

ALL ABOVE QUESTIONS MUST BE ANSWERED COMPLETELY. The best way to respond is to copy & paste the above into your email, and type in your answers right below each question.

We are unable to answer any questions about this position unless an e-mail is received from you with all the questions answered completely.

Again: Interested parties, please e-mail AnnieBBooking at gmail dot com with the above information!

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